Survive This: Busy as Can Bee

This week on Live Free or Die,” our favorite primitives are hard at work, preparing for the warming weather. With food and shelter being constant concerns, everyone rushes to get ahead with the new opportunities the spring season brings.

Check out some highlights from this week in the wild. How do you think you’d deal with a day in the life?

Can you survive this?

In the backwoods of the Blue Ridge Mountains, woodsman Thorn prepares for the shift to spring by constructing a forest garden. However, this task requires cutting down hundred foot high trees that are a little too close for comfort, putting his home and himself at major risk.

The key to Thorn’s survival is precision. 

2015-10-20 00_47_12

As the last tree falls, he moves on to an even riskier part of the project– setting the wood aflame to clear enough space for crops to grow without causing a massive wildfire. When any wrong move could end in catastrophe, Thorn remains determined and focused to stay in control.

What about this?

In the Georgia swamps, Frontiersman Colbert is feeling lucky after successfully trapping a beaver. Just in time for some much needed bartering, he carefully dries the pelt and is ready to transform his cash into currency.

The key to Colbert’s survival is community.

2015-10-20 00_29_39

Colbert heads into town to see if his old blacksmithing friend Dan has some bolts to barter. Even with the limited number of resources that comes with living wild, having a strong sense of community means being able to support each other and their trade. With a successful exchange made, Colbert is ready to finally finish off his cabin’s foundation.

and this?

For homesteaders Tony and Amelia, spring is the sweetest season of all. Not one, but two of their beehives have begun to swarm and it’s time for the dynamic duo to double their honey production.

The key to Tony and Amelia’s survival is their expertise.

2015-10-20 00_01_09

The homesteaders know the ins and outs of harvesting honey, which allows them to act quickly and make the most out of this exciting occasion even when obstacles arise. Almost a gallon worth of honey later, the couple celebrates their latest success.

…or this?

Out in the Arizona desert, Tobias lives day by day. While the days are warm, nightfall brings frigid temperatures. In order to survive, he must build a more permanent shelter.

The key to Tobias’s survival is balance.

2015-10-20 01_31_14

Since he is not getting enough nutrients to work a heavy load, Tobias pays close attention to his body and manages to gather all the materials needed to build a traditional Native American wickiup. The real trick is knowing exactly how much energy to use and how much to save.

Do you think you have what it takes to live free? What would be the hardest thing to live without in the wild? What is your key to life? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

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