Pest & Prey Problems | Survive This

This week on Live Free or Die,” our favorite primitives face a few of the discomforts and challenges that come with living off-the-grid. 

Check out some highlights from this week in the wild. How do you think you’d deal with a day in the life?

Can you survive this?

Living by the water’s edge is a wild dream for this frontiersman. However, the inescapable wetness means loads of itchy insects, especially mosquitoes. Colbert’s dwelling is no match against his bloodsucking neighbors, so he decides to head for the heights.

The key to Colbert’s survival is problem solving.

2015-10-12 20_52_24

While Colbert’s tree house is far above the forest floor, the real challenge is being able to move his supplies easily to the canopy dwelling. The solution? He decides to build a suspension bridge but without the proper tools, he relies on his common sense and patience to turn this dream into a reality.

What about this?

Meanwhile, Tony and Amelia face a pest problem of their own. Their chickens have developed a liking for the tea plants in their garden and are scratching them up. Their best bet to save what’s left of their yard is to barter some of their troublemakers before everything gets destroyed.

The key to Tony and Amelia’s survival is community.

2015-10-12 21_41_13

They head over to their neighbor’s house and trade some of their chickens for duck and guinea hen eggs. Hopeful to expand their livestock with some less destructive birds, the couple places their new eggs under their mother hen. Much to their excitement, the eggs hatch and Tony and Amelia welcome the newest additions to their farm family.

and this?

In the Blue Ridge Mountains, Thorn prepares for this season’s turkey hunt. After an unsuccessful trip the last time around, he decides to bring along his good friend and fellow primitive Umbra for some extra support. Out in the woods, the two hunters spot their first turkey but the bird senses danger and darts off before any shot is made.

The key to Thorn’s survival is being crafty.

2015-10-12 21_27_03

Thorn uses his knowledge of bird behavior and crafting skills to make a female decoy. He successfully attracts the curious turkey and redeems himself with the perfect shot.

…or this?

Tobias has finally found a place to camp in the Arizona dessert but with his food supplies depleted, he must make moves to restock his resources before he can even relax and enjoy his new home.

The key to Tobias’ survival is resourcefulness. 

2015-10-12 14_54_49

Thanks to his creative abilities, Tobias makes a few dead-fall traps out of natural resources. However, his hunger and exhaustion makes it harder to use his motor skills and work efficiently. Despite the circumstances, Tobias remains focused and by the time night nears, his efforts result in a fine feast.

Do you think you have what it takes to live free? How would you survive in the wild? What is your key to life? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

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