Another Day, Another Journey | Survive This

This week on Live Free or Die,” our favorite primitives head out on their greatest journeys yet. While unexpected and challenging twists may turn their way, living wild means making it through no matter what it takes.

Check out some highlights from this week in the wild. How do you think you’d deal with a day in the life?

Can you survive this?

Desert nomad Tobias embarks on the greatest and most dangerous journey of his life. Choosing to leave home and the comforts of civilization, he heads to a canyon roughly 80 miles away. With no map, no compass, no water, and only enough food to last a little while, Tobias quickly realizes he’s pushing his limits.

The key to Tobias’s survival is determination.

2015-09-29 11_47_56

Despite feeling tired and hungry, Tobias remains focused on his goal. The journey is all about seeing if he can survive in the natural world and making a wild life worth living. Tobias knows it’s a challenge but is determined to work his hardest to make it through.

What about this?

It’s hog-hunting season in the Georgia swamp and time for Colbert to put his knowledge to the test. Wild hogs are known for their cunning capabilities but can they outwit the skilled frontiersman?

The key to Colbert’s survival is awareness.

2015-09-29 11_26_36

Despite the difficulties that come with tracking wild boar, Colbert knows the secret to success is being hyper-aware to his surroundings. Sight, smell, and sounds lead Colbert to fresh hog tracks and with a lot of patience, he is able to come home with enough meat to last him weeks.

and this?

Meanwhile, woodsman Thorn is on a mission of his own. After successfully building his handmade boat, he travels about 20 miles downriver to an area known for its abundance of beavers. However, it turns out tracking them is a lot harder than expected.

The key to Thorn’s survival is humility.

2015-09-29 11_59_46

After a long day of tracking, Thorn is unable to get even one shot at a beaver. He finds a snake instead, which will at least give him some meat to bring home, but Thorn can’t help feeling disappointed. However, he knows that with every failure comes a good dose of humility that teaches him to stay positive regardless of the results.

…or this?

It’s finally time for Derik to head back to his homestead. After a failed first attempt that put him and his three mules in danger, he’s relying on just one, his mule named Scout, to make the journey this time around. The trip over the Rocky Mountains requires the duo to trek through steep terrain and serious weather conditions. Will he be able to rely on Scout to make it home safely?

The key to Derik’s survival is good judgement. 

2015-09-29 11_51_27

When he encounters a patch of snow too dangerous to cross, Derik must take the long way home to avoid any injuries. By constantly looking at what’s ahead and evaluating future possibilities, Derik chooses the safest path and makes it home feeling more alive than ever.

Do you think you have what it takes to live free? How would you survive in the wild? What is your key to life? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

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