Double Trouble: Catch of the Week | Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks

Time is disappearing and so are the fish. The captains and crew are desperate for some final catches, but the impending annual migration heightens the pressure as one father and son team struggle to see eye-to-eye.

After a recent slip-up from Austin which cost the Doghouse crew a yellowfin catch, Captain Britton Shackelford is determined to instill in his son the importance of being on his toes this late in the season. Perhaps failing to recognize Austin’s eagerness to please his fellow crew members, Britton’s teaching methods puts Austin’s patience to the test. Tension wears tight on the Doghouse as young buck Austin Shackelford struggles to prove his competence and regain his father’s trust. The constant micromanagement is taking it’s toll on the well-meaning teenager, but he continues to push through and keep his focus on catching tuna. A call from the Hard Merch sends the Doghouse in the right direction—into a massive herd of fish and all signs point to hooking up. It’s not long before the Doghouse is locked and loaded on a mark that puts two tuna on the line, one bigeye and one bluefin. In the flurry of the moment, Austin gains control and helps to reel in a over an eight-foot 471 pound bluefin.

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