What Would the Dr. Do? Handle an Emergency like Dr. Pol

This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, the doctor finds himself facing some odd challenges. Even when you’ve been a veterinarian for decades, there will still be situations you haven’t encountered before. Veterinary medicine is never boring. The one thing that you can definitely count on, however, is that there will be emergencies.

Emergencies are a part of life, but can you handle them as well as a seasoned veterinarian?

Stay Healthy

Being fit and having a clear mind can make a positive difference in how you respond to an emergency. Get exercise, rest, drink plenty of water and eat healthy meals whenever you can. If you are in good physically shape and are able to think clearly, you have a better chance of reacting appropriately in a crisis. Just look at the spry “young” Dr. Pol!

Make a Quick Assessment

When Dr. Pol arrives on the scene there sometimes isn’t time to pause, consider, and have a long discussion. Whether it’s a prolapse, a major wound, or a difficult labor, the medical emergency may require a life-saving immediate response. In a matter of seconds, the doctor has to make a decision on how to manage the situation. Are you fast on your feet? That might quickly quell an emergency situation.

Mobilize Your Team

There is no need to be superman in an emergency. Well directed extra hands can be extremely helpful in a crisis. Dr. Pol puts everyone to work as soon as he jumps in to help a large animal in distress. This might help get the procedure done more quickly and with less stress to the animal. It also gives the people who are involved something to focus on rather than stressing about their ailing beloved pet.

Change Strategies As You Go

Emergencies often evolve. Sometimes Dr. Pol thinks he is solving just one problem, when he realizes that there is actually a secondary issue. Being able to change course and react to an evolving situation can also saves a life. Can you be flexible in a crisis?

Keep Your Sense of Humor and Keep Everyone Calm

Maybe it is as easy for you as it is for Dr. Pol to stay calm in an emergency, but can you put everyone else at ease as well? Staying level-headed and  keeping your voice calm while you address a crisis can keep everyone else calm as well and avoid further issues. If somehow, like Dr. Pol, you can manage to crack an appropriate joke and convince your stressed out response team to smile, even better.

Keep Learning

As Dr. Pol demonstrates on this week’s episode, you can’t know everything. There will be situations in life, just like in veterinary medicine, that you never imagined having to tackle. However, every situation is an opportunity to learn and will help you handle your next emergency with even more finesse. Take every opportunity you can to learn how to better respond to a crisis and you might someday be able to handle an emergency just like Dr. Pol does.

Tune in to the Incredible Dr. Pol: Dr. Strangeglove on Saturday, August 15 at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD and see if you could handle an emergency as well as the doctor.  


    Byron Georgia 31008
    August 16, 2015, 4:25 pm