Seven Reasons We Wish Dr. Pol Could Be Our Family Physician

This week on the Incredible Dr. Pol: My Fair Piggy, the doctor has got his schedule and his hands full. Nothing seems to slow the Doc down though or keep him from getting the job done.  Don’t you wish that he was your doctor too? No? Consider these seven reasons why Dr. Pol should may be be your doctor of choice.

He Jumps Right In

When there’s an emergency, Dr. Pol isn’t one to stand around. He quickly assesses the situation, organizes everyone nearby into action and gets right down to work. When a cow has a prolapsed uterus or an animal is going to do further injury to itself, time is of the essence. Dr. Pol doesn’t pause to ponder. He’s going to solve your crisis pronto.

He’s In It to Win It

When things are looking bleakest, do you want your doctor to refuse to give up on you or just hold your hand and let you go? If you want someone who is going to pull out all the stops and keep fighting until the bitter end, then Dr. Pol is your guy. He knows that sometimes, even when things look impossible, it’s not over until it’s over.

He Isn’t Squeamish

Have you seen the things that Dr. Pol gets his hands into on a daily basis? If you haven’t, trust us, there are a lot of gross moments being a veterinarian. Yet, Dr. Pol just dives right in. If he was your doctor, no matter how unnerving or disgusting your injury was, you could rest assured that Dr. Pol has seen worse.

He Doesn’t Mind if You Whine

If Dr. Pol was you doctor, you could whine all you wanted. In fact, you could moan, yell at him, and even wail at the top of your lungs when you were in pain. Have you heard what happens when he treats a pig? If the doc can ignore a squealing pig, he can certainly ignore any noise you can dish out.

He Feels Your Pain

Dr. Pol is a no nonsense sort of guy, but if you want to see him sad, watch the look on his face when he sees an animal in pain. He doesn’t want to see any animal hurting and does everything he can to ease its suffering. He would probably even have the medication you need on hand and give you a shot of pain killer long before you had the chance to start squealing like a pig.

He Cares About Your People

We all want a doctor who looks out for us, but Dr. Pol does more than that. He also cares about the people who love the animals in his care. He is right there to explain what needs to be done, what the prognosis is and even to break the bad news if it’s necessary. A doctor who cares about your loved ones as well as you is definitely be a keeper.

He’s Your Doctor for Life

In a world where insurance plans change, doctors move to other clinics, and the world just keeps changing, wouldn’t it be nice to have something constant in your life? Dr. Pol’s practice has been open since 1981. That’s 34 years. Many animals have been his patients their whole life. It would be wonderful to have a relationship like that with your own doctor.

Tune in on Saturday August 8 at 9/8c for The Incredible Dr. Pol: My Fair Piggy and see for yourself why Dr. Pol might make a great family physician or at least why you might wish he was your veterinarian too.


  1. Laurie
    August 8, 2015, 7:44 pm

    I agree, I have often said a good Vet is best bet. These Drs that I call Clowns. Drs aren’t Dr’s any longer. Sure you see your PCP for a common thing such as bronchitis or something but anything else is a referral. Many yrs a go Drs we’re a one stop Doc in the box, from being sick, to delivering babies to casting broken bones, stitches etc. Not anymore. I work in the Healtcare industry & intereact w/ Drs daily & they are all Bozo’s. There are some good Drs out there but they aren’t in our town, you have to go to Portland 100 miles, our Hospital recruit some real winners (NOT). The Nurses are actually more in tune than the Dr’s are.