The Doghouse is Back in the Game | Hook, Line & Sinker

A greenhorn struggles to prove himself to his father, while the rest of the fleet battle the elements, boat misfortunes and each other to stay afloat. With the clock of the season ticking away, the pressure is on for the Northern and Southern boats to haul or bawl.


fishinfrenzzyFishin’ Frenzy is coming in hot this season however, the fierce competition has been keeping them from first place. The crew shows that with great teamwork and determination, no one can keep them down. They enjoy not one but two catches back-to-back! The first catch brings in 373 lbs. of tuna and $5,222 while the other amounts to 393 lbs. and $4,323. Their two-fish haul brings in $9,545 and pushes them ahead of Reels of Fortune and Pin Wheel, landing them the top spot.




After a disappointing last season, the pressure is on Captain Britton Shackelford for Doghouse to cash in. However, it’s day 5 and the boat’s still looking for their first catch. All eyes are on the captain’s 18-year old son Austin, as it’s his first time as deckhand and must prove that he has what it takes to play in the big leagues of fishing. Things are looking up, as the boat gets a bite until Austin throws the dart but hits the line, missing the fish. It doesn’t help that his novice skills leads to major nerves, as Austin gets butterflies and feels sick every time he picks up the harpoon. After a long day at sea, with training and tips from First Mate Caine Livesay, Austin finally gets his shot and Doghouse lands a 271 pound fish, amounting to $6,504.



Captain Tyler McLaughlin is determined to be the number one boat this year. With a limited number of opportunities a day to catch fish, it’s important that the Pinwheel positions itself on top of the fish whenever there’s a bite going on. However, Tyler’s method and aggressive behavior angers the other boats, as he closes in on their spots. While the others are concerned the Pinwheel will run over their lines, Hot Tuna decides to teach them a lesson. To get inside Tyler’s head, TJ Ott gives the boat some bad luck and sneaks a stuffed banana in their fish box dressed in a Rasta hat and Fishin’ Frenzy shirt. It seems the bad juju gets the best of the small boat, as Tyler doesn’t have enough ice to hold any fish they’d catch. With empty hands and empty pockets, it seems Tyler’s arrogant attitude came back to bite him in the butt.


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  1. Michelle Nielsen
    August 8, 2015, 8:03 pm

    I cannot believe that Tyler threw a T Shirt overboard into the water. It shows a complete lack of respect for the ocean life and the fact that a fish could swallow that shirt.