Payload On The Line | Hook, Line & Sinker

A bridge, bombs and a few brave ladies rejigger the fleet on day three of Bluefin tuna fishing season in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. In the treacherous Oregon Inlet, part of the aptly named “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” the boats work to stay a float. Some rise to the top, bringing in big bucks while others fall deep.


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The pressure is on for Pin Wheel after an unsuccessful week, but Captain Tyler McLaughlin is determined to pick up their game and remain a fierce contender. Far at sea, the crew finds themselves near a testing site where explosions rock the boat and could ultimately frighten the fish away. However, patience is a virtue this time around and despite the conditions, the boat successfully hooks a 392 lbs. tuna amounting to $10,976.




Reels of Fortune has the most on the line this week after taking a hard hit and sustaining deck damage after a crash, which requires the fleet to postpone fishing. Even after coming in first last week, it’s too early in the game to get comfortable. Time is money and every minute spent on the dock is another minute of fishing lost. However, Captain Charlie Griffin knows a damaged boat could cost him the season, so he proceeds with caution. Finally after some small repairs, they’re back in the game and hook a fish, bringing in 309 lbs. of bluefin and $8,652.




New to the season, the big-talking, all-female crew of Reel Action needs to prove to the fleet that they are a boat that can’t be beat. However, after hooking a bird instead of a bluefin and having to throw back a tuna too tiny to keep, the new kids on the block remain empty-handed.



Keep up with next week’s catches on  Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks: Fins of the Father, Sunday at 9/8c. 


  1. Becky Z
    August 15, 2015, 10:29 pm

    “Testing Site” as an explanation for the explosion on Wicked Tuna, Outer Banks! For goodness sakes. YOU are National Geographic! All you found out is a testing site?! There was no warning out to stay away from the testing site? What about other boats that may have been out there? Does the military not even care who they hurt? Doing stuff like this with boats fishing in the area? What warnings out to boat traffic? What if this had gone wrong and people had gotten hurt?! Obviously someone didn’t do their homework and got this “test” recorded and played on TV. Everyone is so worried about making sure the Tuna survive! How many Tuna were killed during this military “Test”!!!!
    They set this bomb off right when the Tuna are in the area, plus what about all of the other creatures that were killed during this test?
    Human life is precious, so why was the Navy? out doing this with people so close by?!