Seven Ways to Be More (Incredible) Like Dr. Pol

The Incredible Dr. Pol is back for another brand-new season. He’ll be fielding farm calls and caring for pets of all kinds with that classic Dr. Pol flair that fans have come to know and love. Whether he’s keeping his cool reinserting a prolapse, comforting a client, tackling a wily swine, or clowning around, we love his style. Not everyone approaches life like our favorite veterinarian, but here are seven ways to give it a try.

1. Whenever possible relieve the stress with a joke (even if just to amuse yourself).

Life isn’t always fair or easy, but that doesn’t mean that you should let it get to you. Make a joke and make others laugh. Or at least give yourself a good chuckle.  When things don’t go as expected, Dr. Pol is always the first to make a joke and laugh at himself. Maybe we should all learn not to take ourselves so seriously and find humor wherever we can!

2. Say it like it is (even if the words aren’t pretty).

Sometimes the words needed to describe a bad situation are going to make people uncomfortable. Don’t waste time trying to make your words prettier. Call it what it is and get down to business.

3. Be quicker and stronger (than a pig).

You never know what life is going throw your way. So you better be ready to muscle your way through it. Have quick reflexes and stay in shape. Sometimes the best way to help is to be strong and fast.

4. Life is gross. Deal with it.

Most people try to avoid seeing the disgusting things that life has to offer and we definitely would rather not get our hands covered in the goo. Someone has to do it though. The world isn’t just messy–it’s gross and sometimes you have to get dirty to make things better.

5. Never give up.

Whether it’s diving in to reinsert a prolapsed uterus or trying to throw a baseball in a straight line, quitting is not in Dr. Pol’s vocabulary. You may not always win in the end, but you definitely won’t win if you quit before the game is even over.

6. Be passionate about your job… and more!

Not every day is going to be great, but you will always find a bright spot if you have passion for the work you’re doing. Finding other passions beyond the job is also key. Whether it’s tinkering with a Delorean like Dr. Pol, doing new things with your family, or catching a baseball game, life is more than just a job.

7. Animals are fantastic, but so are people.

Dr. Pol loves animals and so do we. Just don’t forget that people are animals too. Whether you offer comfort in a moment of sadness or are there to share in the joy of a triumph, make sure that, like Dr. Pol, you care about people too.


What other ways could we be more incredible like Dr. Pol? Check out this season’s first episode of  Dr. Pol and decide. Tune in Saturday July 25th at 9/8c for the season 7 premiere of The Incredible Dr. Pol: Squeal of Dreams.