Sue Aikens Takes to Twitter: Q&A Recap

Last week following the season finale of Life Below Zero, Sue Aikens answered fans’ questions about the crash and recovery process, living life off-the-grid, and being on the show. Check out these highlights!

KAVIK, ALASKA- Sue Aikens scouts near Kavik River Camp. (Photo Credit: BBC Worldwide Ltd./Jared Steyaert)
Photograph by BBC Worldwide Ltd./Jared Steyaert

@TommyG_TX: We’re glad you are still with us. Just a mite sore for certain. Quite a crash. What did your ride hit, a rock?

Ice heaves or jumble ice under the snow.

@Chewypuppy: Who took care of Kavik while you were in the hospital?

The foxes…and while they tried, it may not have been the best choice for temp wardens.

@CindyHe25573409: How are you doing now? Do you have any help in Kavik since your surgery? God bless!

I tried to do my own chores, but can’t. My nephew is helping me and my grandkids will be here later if I can swing it.

@Maracruise2: How did the camp hold up while you were away healing?

I can’t give details, but it might not have been the best choice to have the foxies watching camp.

@Ckbrouwer1: How do you manage all the chores?

I do them slowly, or change how I do them, and some I just can’t do so I called for help.

@Lachenda: Were you back in Kavik before the first people came out this year?

No I was not. I lost several clients.

@Shaynk: What made you move up there to live such a solitary life?

I like the solitude, I shine and am happy secluded.

@Sheri_russo1617: Is it mostly hunters that visit camp?

No, mostly ologists and eco-tourists doing rafting and bird watching. Hunting is 3-5 weeks a year here.

@Spyderapril: Do you not get lonely at all? I wish I could go off grid, just not sure if I could get use to being alone.

Nope I truly don’t. I keep my mind pretty busy and just don’t come wired that way.

@Bubzilla: Is there anywhere besides Kavik that you would live a secluded peaceful life?

Anywhere that caught my attention…I am an explorer. From boats to boots, sand to skies I want to do it all.

@Tabbie313W: What is one town “treat”, food, drink etc. that you miss and love getting?

White Castle rocks. Sliders!!

@MyaLovesLuigi: What are you getting for your birthday?

Food delivery I hope so I can make a cake. I offer free birthday cake and such to all fly ins.


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  1. Connie
    southern cali
    November 19, 2015, 7:11 pm

    I am gald you are doing well after your surgery.
    I love your show Sue and admire your courage to live the life you love. you are one of a kind. I would like to meet one day.

  2. amy
    June 30, 2016, 8:29 pm

    do you still have ermie the retired sled dog?

  3. Dean
    July 8, 2016, 3:07 am

    Always the most boring segments of the show. It would be nice to learn more about the camp and those that visit the area rather than ‘every’ segment only about, “if this” and “if that”, “I’m gonna die.” We get it!! It’s like a broken record with no new content that wasn’t covered.. repeatedly… by episode 2 of season 1.

  4. Pat
    United States
    March 29, 11:48 am

    Would you ever entertain having someone stay with you for 5-7 days for the experience? What would that cost?
    I would love to spend time learning what you do close up and personal. I am good at taking orders and I already talk to myself.

  5. cleo a windom
    United States
    May 6, 4:57 pm

    you are a cool lady sorry about the word cool you get enough of that anyway hang in there anyway you can love to watch you do your thing anyway you need too………peace god bless