Discover the Hidden Lives of Animals With Crittercam

Animal Cam exposes the hidden lives of animals like never before… from their point-of-view. Cutting-edge cameras strapped to various animal species reveal new and fascinating behavior, all from the animal’s perspective.

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Each creature takes viewers along for a ride in their world—from Florida swamps, to African plains, all the way to the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Viewers have a front row seat as the Great White Shark hunts unsuspecting seals, macaques monkey around and the Loggerhead Sea Turtle gobbles up pelagic red crabs.

Every Crittercam expedition is conducted for research purposes. Scientists gather data and insight from footage captured by their subjects. These non-invasive cameras are uniquely built for each species to produce footage that could never have been captured otherwise if a camera crew were present, which ensures the animals behave naturally.

Footage from the animal’s point of view is secondary data, albeit valuable and fascinating. Most importantly, however, Crittercams are special research tools that provide incredible looks into undisturbed wildlife behavior, something that is both unprecedented and essential for the learning process. It is all for science.

In this clip, See the world from a gator’s point-of-view as he cruises through Florida swamplands: 

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