Things Get a Little Risky on Tonight’s Animals Gone Wild

The most insane animal moments in the world are back and we are facing the best of the best off in a top three challenge.  Now, it’s time for you to weigh in and tell us who YOU PICK as your favorite.  From a snow-loving crow, to some daredevil ducks crossing a busy highway and monkey unwilling to share it’s bounty of fruit. Let us know below and tune in tonight at 9/8c to see the result!

Also on tonight’s episode, when cornered by a powerful pack, few can imagine survival. But in a wild world, sheer courage can conquer all. One baby elephant is ready to prove that sometimes the bold are the real king of beasts.

Then, giving a helping hand to a creature in peril can come with unexpected twists and turns.  For one animal rescue worker, freeing a dog stuck to a fence is just the first part of his adventure.  What happens after the dog is freed, surprised everyone involved in the rescue effort.

You’ve heard of it raining cats and dogs. Now, imagine giant fish instead. It’s a dangerous downpour that will have you running for cover when Asian carp leap from a river in incredible numbers.

Some daredevils aim high, but when you shoot for the stars, it’s a long way to fall.  For penguins jumping up a sheer ice floe from the water, simply getting to land is a momentous challenge.

From fish-out-of-water conflicts and rebellious animal assaults, to dangerous predator rescues and odds that seem impossible to beat, sometimes animals get themselves into risky situations on an all-new Animals Gone Wild, tonight 9/8c.