Top 5 Most Heartwarming Moments From “Give Me Shelter”

From Kittenpalooza to Puppy Fashion Shows, Pet Helpers is full of activity on four all-new episodes of Give Me Shelter, premiering tonight on Nat Geo WILD at 7/6c.

Have you ever been to a Kittenpalooza? Think cats, cats, and more cats. However, what happens when the event starts running out of these feline friends? The volunteers and staff scramble to get more cats from the shelter before the eager crowd starts leaving. Also watch something out of the ordinary as Pet Helpers enlists the help of a man who says he can train cats. Can Shakers, the free-spirited feline, be trained in order to find a loving home?

On one of tonight’s new episodes, the shelter takes in two emaciated stray puppies, but will the condition of their health prevent their adoption? The staff must carefully nurse the puppies back to health, after a tough start to life.

Tune in to also catch Pet Helper’s very own, Project Runway. The staff organizes a puppy fashion show in hope to get new dogs adopted. Will the dogs be able to strut their tails down the runway and find their forever homes?

From training cats to rescuing dogs from a drug bust, there’s never a dull moment at Pet Helpers. Check out the top 5 most heartwarming moments from tonight’s all new episodes of Give Me Shelter, premiering at 7/6c.

The Top 5 Most heartwarming Moments From Give Me Shelter:


5. Shakers, the only cat not adopted at Kittenpalooza, finds his forever home after working with the cat trainer.



4. Two emaciated puppies are brought into the shelter and nursed back to health.



3. A furry feline plays during Kittenpoolza.



2. Fourteen puppies are rescued from being euthanized.



1. A newly adopted puppy and her owner snuggle after the Puppy Fashion Show.


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