The Science Behind Shark Attacks

Tourists flock to the beaches of North Carolina and Virginia for their safe calm waters and the wild rugged scenery. But beneath the still serenity of this Atlantic coastline lies an unsuspecting danger. Tonight, Nat Geo WILD investigates two sudden spikes in shark attacks a decade apart. They come out of nowhere, and then disappear as quickly as they came.

Ten-year-old Cassidy Cartwright barely escaped with her life in 2011 when a shark bit her foot while she played in knee-deep water. It was the start of a summer of attacks–seven in three months. A decade earlier, a young boy–despite rescuers brave efforts to wrest his leg from the jaws of the shark– was fatally wounded. Two days later, a couple celebrating their engagement suffered a similar fate: the man dead from loss of blood and his fiance left without a foot–forever traumatized by her wounds and her loss.

Why do these seemingly calm waters suddenly turn into bloody shark frenzies? We look into this phenomenon tonight at 10/9c on When Sharks Attack.