Discussing the Twitter Take-off on Tonight’s StarTalk

Do you remember your first tweet?  On tonight’s episode of StarTalkNeil deGrasse Tyson talks to the co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone.  A progenitor of social media, Stone has been developing large-scale systems that facilitate the open exchange of information for more than fifteen years.  During the interview, Stone shares how Twitter was created and what it’s been like to watch it grow to become one of the most powerful communication tools of our generation.

New ideas may not always birth success, but here, Biz Stone discusses when he first knew Twitter was going to become something big:

Also on tonight’s episode, Neil is joined by comedian Eugene Mirman, Alondra Nelson and Clive Thompson.  Nelson is a professor of sociology and dean of social science at Columbia University. Her research focuses on the intersections of science, technology, medicine, and inequality.  Thompson is a longtime contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and a columnist for Wired, and is one of the longest-running bloggers.  Tyson and guests discuss the ways that Twitter and social media have impacted science, communication and our society as a whole.

Then our show regular favorite Bill Nye joins us from Times Square in New York City to give his take on the social media revolution.  People have been looking at other people since the dawn of humanity, and we’ve accumulated libraries of books and magazines that serve only this purpose.  Today, with social media we can not only see what others are doing in an instant, but we can shape an entire persona for ourselves online.  Far beyond just an outlet for narcissism, these new communication tools are shaping society and revolutionizing the world.

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