It All Comes Down to This: The Season Finale of Wicked Tuna is TONIGHT!

It’s the final week before the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna season in Gloucester, Massachusetts closes and the competition is so close, it will come down to the very last day of fishing to determine the winner. When a single tuna can be worth more than $20,000, it’s anybody’s game. Hard Merchandise holds a narrow lead of over, Pin Wheel and Hot Tuna. Kelly Ann may be out of contention for the championship but needs at least one more tuna to get through the winter.

With only seven days left, perennial underdog crew Hard Merchandise find themselves leading the fleet with fifteen tuna and almost $90,000 in the bank. Captain Dave Marciano and first mate Jay fish, first and foremost, to support family, but heading down the home stretch in first place, they’ve developed a taste for winning.

Maximizing fishing time along with the rest of the fleet, Marciano starts the week close to home at Stellwagen Bank, but when he strikes out, will he risk precious fishing time to steam 70 miles to Fippennies Ledge in search of the big Bluefin that could give him the edge in the competition? Dot Com is confident that their inshore experience will give them the advantage they need to pull ahead of Hard Merchandise. With less than $6,000 separating the two boats, former champion Captain Dave Carraro, first mate Sandro and deckhand Geordie know that one good catch could put them in the lead and they’re determined to do whatever it takes to win this competition. After smoking the fleet last year, Dave is confident they can do it again and prove that they are the number one boat in the fleet.

After a painfully embarrassing last place in the previous season, Captain Tyler McLaughlin’s reversal of fortune now places Pin Wheel close behind FV‐ in third place. Tyler is determined to reclaim his title from two years ago and prove to the fleet that last season’s miserable showing was a fluke. When he bombs on Stellwagen, Tyler is the first one to decide to risk the long steam to Fippennies. If the bite goes off, Pin Wheel will increase their odds to come out on top. However, if it’s a bust, then it could be game over for Tyler and Travis.

In fourth place, Hot Tuna’s Captain TJ Ott has had a great season so far compared to last year, but he wants to restore his reputation for being a top producer as well as beat sneaky Dave on FV-­ At the rate they’ve been catching, TJ is certain he and his crew land a few more tuna and take the lead.

After one of the most difficult seasons in Captain Paul Hebert’s tuna fishing career, Kelly Ann is out of the running for the top spot. With only five fish and $30,000 in the bank, Paul, Mauro and Kenny are desperate to make at least one more paycheck to get them through the winter.

It’s a race against time and every boat in the fleet battles to catch as many fish as possible before the end but there can be only one winner. Will Hard Merchandise’s Captain Dave Marciano hold onto his lead? Can Captain Dave Carraro of FV-­‐ reclaim his title for the second year in a row? Will Captain Tyler McGlaughlin of Pin Wheel reclaim his former glory or will Hot Tuna’s Captain TJ Ott win the title for the first time? And can Captain Paul Hebert and the crew of Kelly Ann make enough money to get through winter? There are seven days left in the Bluefin tuna season. Anything can happen!

Don’t miss the two-hour season finale of Wicked Tuna, Sunday at 9/8c.


    San Diego, CA.
    May 31, 2015, 10:16 pm


  2. bob kewley
    robson, bc, canada
    June 11, 2015, 1:25 pm

    for some reason my local cable provider only showed the first hour of the finale! I still don’t know what happened or how to find it on the net. not happy

  3. Mary Manker
    Olympia, WA
    July 18, 2015, 9:41 am

    I am very disappointed at the sensationalism by NG of tuna fishing. Tuna is a limited resource and should be honored, not exploited. I see this program as an exploitation and encouragement to continue to do so. We are a horrible species to continue to do this. Shame on NG and shame on fishermen. Fishermen: find something else to do.