At the Intersection of Science and Religion on Tonight’s StarTalk

The often controversial when spoken about together topics of science and religion collide on tonight’s episode of StarTalk, when Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with Richard Dawkins.  Dawkins is a world-renowned evolutionary biologist, bestselling author, and one of the most outspoken proponents for atheism.  Some of his best-known books, which shed light on the topics of evolution and logical thinking. include The Ancestor’s TaleThe Selfish GeneThe Blind WatchmakerClimbing Mount ImprobableUnweaving the RainbowA Devil’s ChaplainThe God DelusionThe Greatest Show on Earth and The Magic of Reality.  During the interview, he discusses the influence of logical thinking on our survival, the contradictions of logical and religious beliefs, and the history of religion in science.

See what Dawkins has to say about the human mind’s capacity for logical thought and the role of evolution in developing those capabilities:


Also on this evening’s episode, Neil is joined by Eugene Mirman and special guest Reverend James Martin, a Jesuit priest, editor at large of America magazine, and bestselling author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) EverythingBetween Heaven and Mirth, and Together on Retreat. They discuss the conflicting views of religion and science, but also the significant contributions that the Jesuits and other religious groups have made to science, and whether or not science and religion can coexist in the modern world.

Science educator Bill Nye joins us from an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History to elaborate on the topic that early religious views are incongruent with the evidence that science has brought to light.  He encourages us all that learning informally by “listening to the rocks” will give us a better picture of the true origins of our surroundings and ourselves.

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