Sit. Stay… BarkFest Kicks Off Tonight on Nat Geo WILD!

Nat Geo WILD is gearing up for a weekend of all bark, no bite TV featuring some of the smartest, most unique and cutest canines in the world. There will be surfing dogs, service dogs, games to find out if your dog is a genius, Cesar Millan marathons and much more. Calling all dog lovers!

BarkFest kicks off tonight at 8/7c with World’s Greatest Dogs. These are the stories of extraordinary dogs: a surfing therapy dog, a bionic dog, and a dog with the world record in skateboarding.and a dog with the world record in scootering and many more. We’ll meet these incredible canines and their dedicated owners.

Then, later tonight at 10/9c, catch the world premiere of the 3-part series Is Your Dog a Genius?

Duke University dog scientist Dr. Brian Hare uses his groundbreaking research to help dog owners better understand their canine companions. He introduces at-home games that reveal your dog’s personality and introduces us to extraordinary dogs with remarkable problem-solving abilities. This interactive series will help dog owners everywhere unlock their canine’s true potential.

Have you submitted your pawesome pup photos with #BarkFest? Be sure to tune in tonight to see if your dog will be on TV, and head over to to browse all of our favorite submissions so far!

See you tonight at 8/7c for BarkFest on Nat Geo WILD!


  1. Kathleen Verzi
    San Jose California
    May 15, 2015, 9:41 pm

    Tuned in to this just in time!! How awesome is this Barkfest, thank you