Payback’s a Fish: Wicked Tuna Catch of the Week

On week 12 of the North Atlantic Bluefin tuna season, a dry spell for Captain Dave Carraro has pushed last season’s champion to ask for help from his ally and fellow captain, TJ Ott of Hot Tuna. TJ made enormous strides last week, catching three fish to get within striking distance of the fleet’s leader Captain Dave Marciano of Hard Merchandise.

After Dave Carraro’s week from hell, TJ took pity on him and directed Dave to his fishing hotspot and now Dave is desperate to capitalize on the information and catch. TJ expects that Dave will return the favor, and let him know if the fish are still biting there. But Dave hasn’t earned the nickname “Tricky Dave” for nothing. And living up to his moniker, he puts fishing ahead of friendship and fracture ties with an important–and quite possibly only–ally.

After TJ catches wind of Dave’s great deception, he strikes back by bringing in a tuna. Re-live the moment with the Catch of the Week:

See how TJ and Dave interact after Dot Com’s great deception on the latest Reel Talk after show >>

Meanwhile, after starting out strong this season, Captain Tyler McLaughlin of Pin Wheel has dropped to fourth place in the earnings. Tyler’s losing ground quickly, and if he doesn’t catch this week–he’ll fall further behind the fleet’s top three boats.

Lastly, Captain Paul Hebert, of Kelly Ann, is at the bottom of the fleet. With only four fish caught all season, Paul is now in dire need of a few fish to salvage his season.

Visit the leaderboard to see the current standings. With only 3 weeks left of the season, it’ll be a fight to the finish as the captains battle it out for the #1 spot.


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  1. Walter
    May 17, 2015, 7:09 pm

    Why doesn’t anyone get it that Dave of .com is just showing his true colors . I met and spoke with him at the saltwater fishing show in providence. He loves himself and that’s it! Why those guys would help him with numbers is beyond me. He s a backstabbing $&@&&$$&. Any bad luck he has is well deserved!

  2. Dwaine
    May 17, 2015, 8:42 pm

    S4 e13 “tuna trifecta” Hot Tuna dad caught a tuna when you guys put that tuna in the cooler with ice . I seen at least two more tuna in the cooler and when they went to port they only sold one at a weight of 202 for 21 dollars a pound? What about the other two tuna in the cooler?

  3. Cindy Leswniewski
    Southern NJ
    May 19, 2015, 8:16 am

    Had the pleasure of catching up with TJ in AC again. No matter who tries to stick it to him, he will always come out on top. Very pleasant personality type and I’m sure he won’t let a*****e Dave get under his skin!

  4. tim savidge
    March 27, 1:32 pm

    every fisherman on the show is very cool. I feel sorry for daves crew, dave is such an a——.