It’s a Beastly Battle Tonight on Animals Gone Wild

Each week, we’re putting three of our most amazing animal videos in a battle of the best.  Now, it’s time for you to weigh in and tell us who YOU PICK as your favorite.  From a big mouth fish with an even bigger appetite, to a mother goose protecting her precious babies and an army of frogs getting a major meal fakeout.  Can you guess which of these tenacious animals we are going to feature in tonight’s episode?  Let us know below and tune in tonight at 9/8c to see the result!

Also on tonight’s episode, it’s an all-out battle in the animal kingdom. The toughest of the tough usually have nothing to fear. But when a gang of orcas targets a tiger shark, it’s a turf war where the loser will not swim away.  It’s nothing but a watery grave in this head-to-head challenge.

Then, things get a little fishy when a hefty koi fish turns the tables on a pair of kittens and shows them what it’s like when the hunter becomes the hunted.  These cats soon find out what it means when the prey fights back.

Sometimes small animals have the odds stacked against them.  But for the African crested porcupine, spiky quills give it a fighting chance, even against hungry lions.  When faced against what seems like impossible odds, one porcupine shows some lions that it may be tiny, but also tough!

Every parent wants to teach their child what it takes to survive.  But when teaching involves fighting a giant alpha predator, this lesson might become potentially deadly.  A leopard attempts to subdue an African rock python, with a hungry cub playing audience – and things get a little dicey!

From out-of-control urban conflicts and predator-on-predator clashes, to violent surprise ambushes and underdogs battling huge odds – these are the animal world’s boldest battles on this episode of Animals Gone Wild, tonight 9/8c.