Dan Savage Discusses Love and the Concept of Monogam-ish Tonight on StarTalk

It’s a cosmic love meeting on tonight’s episode of StarTalkwhen Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with Dan Savage, a gay rights activist and author of the internationally syndicated sex and relationship advice column “Savage Love.”  In addition to the column, Savage has published several books.  His latest book, American Savage, reflects on his experiences throughout the founding of the “It Gets Better Project,” funded by he and his husband Terry Miller to help prevent suicide among LGBT youth.  During the interview, Savage touches on topics including how he became a sex columnist, the recipe for a successful relationship and his take on monogamy.

Dan Savage gets really open and honest about his views on monogamy and the future of modern relationships:

Also on this episode, Neil talks to comedian co-host Chuck Nice and biological anthropologist Helen Fisher.  Fisher’s studies include but are not limited to the evolution, brain systems and biological patterns of romantic love, mate choice, marriage, adultery and divorce.  Together, they discuss a wide range of topics including defining what love is, the changing face of relationships and how gender identity manifests in the brain.

Then, forget everything you’ve ever thought about about this guy.  Science educator Bill Nye joins us from the Museum of Sex in New York City to give his take on human sexual behavior and how evolution has programmed us with the drive to have sex anytime, anywhere.  It’s our animal instinct to pass along our genes into the future, with the added incentive of a pleasureful experience.

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