The Kelly Ann’s Back in Business: Wicked Tuna Catch of the Week

On week ten of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the competition is heating up, driving captains to push themselves and their crews to the brink with only six weeks of fishing left.

On Kelly Ann, the future of Captain Paul Hebert’s tuna season hangs in the balance. At the end of last week, the boat’s owner and first mate Mauro DiBacco was determined to fire Paul due to his bad attitude and his lousy fishing record of only three tuna caught in the past nine weeks.

But Mauro has reconsidered and is giving Paul one last chance to put a tuna on the deck this week. Paul recognizes there’s a bigger issue that must be addressed – his team has completely fallen apart. Paul knows that the only way he’s going to catch a fish this week is if he pulls his team back together first.

Fortunately for Captain Paul, and the entire crew, the dry spell ended when they finally bring in a high-quality tuna. Relive the moment in this week’s Catch of the Week:

Meanwhile, on Pin Wheel, Captain Tyler McLaughlin hasn’t caught a fish since his trusted first mate David Rankins quit more than a week ago. Now, it’s just Tyler and young deckhand Travis Brown. This week, Travis’ inexperience tests Tyler’s patience, and when it threatens to cost them a fish, Tyler’s aggressive behavior may cost him his one remaining mate.

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On FV-­‐, the crew fights to hold onto their number one position on the leaderboard. But their lead could be in jeopardy when they hook up a wily tuna on a chaffed line, with the fish pulling the 28,000-­‐pound boat backward.

Over on Hard Merchandise, Captain Dave Marciano discovers his water intake is clogged. The boat is dead in the water unless Dave and first mate Jason Muenzner can fix the problem. The only solution is diving under the boat to remove the clog, but it’s a risky proposition as Dave and Jay know there could be sharks nearby because they hooked one earlier.

Meanwhile, beleaguered boat Drama is yet to catch their first tuna of their fishing season. Mounting expenses force Captain Paul Cheney to decide this is their final fishing trip unless they catch a tuna, otherwise he’ll have to call their season quits.

Visit the leaderboard to see where the week netted out. Here’s a hint: There’s a new captain on top of the leaderboard!

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