Hat Trick for Hard Merch: Wicked Tuna Catch of the Week

On week eight of the Atlantic Bluefin tuna season, the midway point of fishing where crews either knuckle down and push hard, or crumble from the grind. The Gloucester captains are determined to work harder than ever to put as many tuna on their decks and charge into the rest of the season as strong as possible.

Last season’s champion, Captain Dave Carraro, of FV-Tuna.com, charges into the week atop the leaderboard, but only by a slim margin. If Dave’s biggest rival Captain Tyler McLaughlin, of Pin Wheel, lands a fish this week, it could bump Dave out of the coveted first place, so Dave and his mates Sandro and Geordie are not taking any chances and are fishing as hard as ever.

But last week brings an old challenge (and challenger) when veteran Captain Bill Monte, of Bounty Hunter, arrives at Dave’s fishing spot. Bounty Hunter makes it big this time around, as the crew reels in about 10,000 in one catch. To put this onto perspective, here’s what one fish can mean:


Over on Hard Merchandise, Captain Dave Marciano has only two weeks until he loses a crew member, when his son Joe returns to college, and Dave wants to get as much of an advantage as he can during that time. So far this season, Joe and First Mate Jay Muenzner have helped Dave turn Hard Merchandise into a contender for that top spot, and they’re going to have to continue their winning ways if they’re going to rise all the way to number one. Captain Dave is also hoping Joe’s birthday out on the water will bring them just a little bit more added luck this week. Turns out this week had even more reasons to celebrate, as the this family brings in not one, not two, but three tuna. Relieve Hard Merchandise’s incredible catch on this Catch of the Week: 

At the same time, Captain Paul Cheney of Drama is hoping his luck starts to turn around. Eight weeks into fishing, and Paul is still waiting for his first fish of the season. This week will give him his best shot yet at finally pulling a paycheck on-board.

Meanwhile on Pin Wheel, Tyler’s determination to take first place from FV-Tuna.com means he wants to work around-the-clock and push his mates David and Travis harder than ever before in a bid to catch. After two months of grueling fishing and barely a day off, the grind of the season is taking its toll on David, who has spent hardly any time with his young family since the season opened. He faces the tough decision of sticking with Tyler or heading back home to the nest.

Check out the week’s after show. On Reel Talk, Captains Tyler, Paul, and Dave reflect on the pressures of life at sea.

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