An All-New Season of Animals Gone Wild Returns Tonight!

Tonight, on the season premiere of Animals Gone Wild, a group of people are starting their vacation at Kruger National Park, South Africa.  A place where over one million tourists flock to each year.  They’re here to see some of the world’s most amazing species on their home turf, including the African elephant.  But what happens when an ornery elephant doesn’t want visitors?  This unlucky group is about to find out.

Then, go into the middle of a post-whitetail deer battle.  In whitetail deer populations, battles for dominance are the norm.  But sometimes the fights have deadly stakes.  When a hunter finds two bucks locked at the horns, and one of them already dead, he risks his own safety to release the victor.

What happens when a gecko and a green snake disagree – it’s an all out war and neither side is giving in. Instead of running to safety, this gecko is fighting back, delivering his own bites and blows in a battle to the death.  Who will reign victorious, and who’s on the menu for lunch?

From a cat perilously dangling on a ledge, to a bird making a daring escape and mama bear trying to save her cubs.  Can you guess which of these escape artists we are going to feature in tonight’s episode?  Let us know below!

These unforgettable brushes with death remind us that everyday survival can be precarious.  From terrifying life-or-death struggles and risky monster-sized rescues, to crazy acts of bravery and daring animal escapes: these are the world’s greatest death dodgers on Animals Gone Wild, tonight at 9/8c.