What You Missed on Last Saturday’s Aloha Vet: The Last Resort

While we know and love Hawaii for its breath-taking sea and sand, these incredible islands also have a rich history of ranching. With so much green pasture and open mountain land, many residents enjoy caring for a handful of farm animals. From cattle to goats and horses to hens, Hawaii is a tropical home on the range.


Last week on Aloha Vet, Dr. Scott Sims traveled around the island of Kauai to perform maintenance care, diagnose some odd conditions, and prevent dangerous diseases for all kinds of critters. Luckily, Scott is no ordinary vet and knows how to handle any kind of animal he meets.

LastResort_10_AlohaVetHis first stop was at the Kauai Kunana Dairy, where Scott performed maintenance on a goat named Spike. As a breeding goat, it’s important that the horns are shaved off so that the animal doesn’t injure himself or the other goats while mating. To do this, Scott used “giggly wire,” which is a bone saw used in surgeries. This routine procedure must be done with precision, as the dairy farm’s future success depends on Spike’s mating performance.

Back at the clinic, Scott’s long-time clients Dave and Stacey brought their horse in for a checkup. Scott has removed cancerous lumps from this fair-skinned horse four times in the past, but once again the horse had to go under the knife. The lump, located on be horse’s rear, required a deep incision to insure that it’s a clean removal. This was no easy operation but Scott remained calm and, for the fifth time, saves the horse from a potentially dangerous cancer.

Next on the Doc’s agenda was a visit to Dia’s friends’ ranch where Black Pearl, an Angus bull has seemingly stopped growing. While he should have grown to well over 400 lbs. by now, he still only weighs around 250 lbs. Joelle, the bull’s owner, initially bought the bull for Sheldon, her boyfriend, to ride and they wanted to know whether or not this will ever be a possibility. Scott performed a couple of tests and X-Rays and discovered that Black Pearl’s growth plates have closed, meaning this little bull won’t grow any bigger. While this is upsetting to Sheldon, Scott explains how rarity of miniature bulls and that he could potentially make a lot of money breeding Black Pearl.

Check out this adorable baby bull for yourself in this digital extra:

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