Winter Is Coming: Life Below Zero Returns Tonight!

Tonight on the season premiere of Life Below Zero, Alaskans battle harsh conditions and limited daylight to survive the onslaught of winter and protect the future of their remote livelihood. With temperatures plummeting, it’s a race against the clock to secure available resources and maintain the sanity it takes to live Life Below Zero.

In Kavik, winter is breathing down Sue’s neck and her food supply is sparse. She packs up her hunting and camping gear, and heads out on a journey to secure food to survive through the winter. With a storm on the horizon and limited visibility, it’s a tough and risky trek.

In Eagle, with the chum salmon run just days away, Andy and Kate need to get their fish wheel in the water as they rely upon their fall fishing in order to feed themselves and their dog team through the cold winter months.

In Noorvik, the annual caribou harvest is upon the Hailstones. In order to store all the caribou meat the family will soon harvest, Chip will build a cache in the yard outside of their home–one that will be passed on to their girls one day. He and Agnes boat five miles away from town to gather wood for the project. They work together to chop down and float the logs back to Noorvik.

In Chandalar, it is the start of moose hunting season. Glenn relies on his annual moose hunt more than any other hunt, as one moose equates to six months’ food that will help him survive the brutal winter ahead. Glenn is up in the early hours of the morning when moose are most active. He sharpens his butchering knife, loads his rifle, and heads out on his quest for meat.

Don’t miss the season premiere of Life Below Zero: Ready or Not tonight at 9/8c


  1. Wes
    January 13, 2016, 10:44 am

    Have been an avid outdoorsman for many years! Grew up on farm and hunter and fisherman! Absolutely love the show but just watched this weeks show lost in the wild. Was disappointed that Sue beat up a snow machine because IT hurt her! I own many gun and last week cut my finger on a Glock while cleaning and needed 3 stitches but I didn’t toss it into the river! Need people that don’t have to try to act tough and just be that way! Childish and silly! Sorry show is great but need a couple of NEW cast members!