Harpooning Hollywood: Wicked Tuna Catch of the Week

On week seven of the North Atlantic Bluefin tuna fishing season, the captains decided to follow Pin Wheel’s lead and chase the bite up north in Maine waters. It’s a gamble to make such a long steam, but playing it safe inshore could be just as costly.

After word gets out of Captain Tyler McLaughlin’s success at Platts Bank–one of his favorite fishing spots in Maine Waters–where they land their biggest fish of the season so far–the other Gloucester captains follow, heading north to Platts. This set up an instant rift with Tyler, who believes their presence will cause his hot spot to cool down.

To make matters worse, Captain TJ Ott of Hot Tuna sets up on his former deckhand Tyler’s spot, and a boat-to-boat face off for who can put meat on the deck ensues.

Captain Dave Marciano of the Hard Merchandise is also in Maine. He and his crew are keeping their distance from the tug-of-war and hoping to quietly earn a paycheck and make a dent in the competition.

Captain Dave Carraro, of FV-Tuna.com, hates blowing money on gas leaving his Gloucester backyard to find fish. Comfortable and confident in the number one position, Dave plans to keep fishing inshore, but as more and more reports come back about the productivity of Platts Bank, resisting the temptation to head North may prove more trouble than it’s worth.

Meanwhile, the Bluefin harpooning season is quickly coming to a close and rival fishing boats Lily and Kristiana are racing against time to put their last few fish on deck. Captain Greg Chorebanian, of Kristiana, is determined to hold onto his lead against cocky Captain Bill “Hollywood” Muniz, of the Lily, but Greg is determined to try and defeat Hollywood–not to mention save money on gas–by staying local, while Hollywood takes his chances where the fish are abundant in Maine. Turns out taking a risk pays off, as Hollywood and his crew manage to reel in a near $15,000 with one catch. To put this into perspective, here’s what one fish can mean:


As the captains embark on the expedition for lucrative Bluefin tuna, those who don’t strike far may just strike out. Relieve Lily’s big moment on this Catch of the Week:

Check out the week’s after show. On Reel Talk, Captains Tyler, TJ, and Dave get territorial over new, but familiar, waters and talk about what it’s like on the night shift.

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