Nat Geo WILD + Uber = UberLIONS: On-Demand Lion Cubs


Happy April Fools’ Day!

You just fell for the purrrfect joke. Lions belong in the wild, not in an Uber! While we may not be delivering on-demand lion cubs today, we are supporting National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative to help protect lions, tigers, and other endangered big cats.

With your help, we can make a difference and help ensure these beautiful creatures don’t disappear!


Text “Lions” to 50555 to donate $10 to National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative to help support on the ground conservation projects.


Get your fix of lions and other big cats. See upcoming programming on or to learn more about these majestic beasts before Big Cat Week returns this fall.


Original Post:

They’ve delivered puppies, they’ve delivered kittens, but now Uber is partnering with Nat Geo WILD to deliver something even bigger: LIONS.

Today, we’re partnering with mobile-app-based transportation network Uber to bring you the wildest campaign yet—UberLIONS—on-demand lion cubs! That’s right, with just a tap of a button you could be petting and playing with a real live lion cub.

From the Uber app, enter the code LIONCUBS today and request LIONS between 9am – 12pm for your chance to snuggle with lion cubs!

There’s more to UberLIONS than just some fierce lion cub snuggles (which will be supervised by trained handlers). We’ve also teamed up with National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative to raise awareness and help ensure that big cats like lions don’t disappear. For every person who applies the promo code LIONCUBS today, we’ll donate $1 toward the Big Cats Initiative.


  1. Open your Uber app and enter the promo code LIONCUBS (New York) or LIONCUBSDC (Washington, D.C)
  2. Request LIONS today, starting at 9am
  3. If you’re connected, lion cubs (and a trainer) will come right to you ready to play
  4. Whether or not you get to snuggle with lion cubs, just by entering the promo code you’re helping the cause!



  • UberLIONS is available in Washington, D.C., and in New York City (Manhattan and some areas of Brooklyn)
  • Please make sure you you have a secure indoor area ready for lion cub playtime when you request
  • Each UberLIONS visit is 15 minutes long and totally FREE

Demand will be high, so please be patient. If we don’t make it to you today with UberLIONS, you can always get your lion fix by tuning into Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week—purrrfect programming for big cat fans.