No Ordinary Treehouse on Building Wild

This week on Building Wild, the Cabin Kings had five days to build the ultimate treehouse cabin in Vermont. Building a lofty two-story cabin is just part of the challenge. John Perrone, Jr. wants a cabin that will not only be the perfect place for his upcoming bachelor party, but will also work for his honeymoon. So the cabin has to convert from party palace to love nest with ease. Fortunately, Paulie is a conversion champ.

The Perrones own a 22-acre property in the wilderness where they want a 220-square-foot tree-fort that is 15 feet up in the air. Using twelve telephone poles, the Cabin Kings create stilts which they secure on top of concrete piers, creating an instant framework.

Tuffy finesses the 25-foot long poles into the piers with his excavator, a dangerous task that despite all the shouting, he actually makes look easy. From there, the Cabin Kings direct the Perrones and John’s team of Long Island bachelor friends as they create a platform that will ultimately be the deck and floor of the cabin. From there, the frame of the cabin comes quickly together.

Meanwhile, Tuffy is off looking at all of bits and pieces the Perrones have been gathering and storing in a camper on the property, hoping to utilize someday in their dream cabin. Whether it’s a box of used nails, doors, windows or an old cart, Tuffy can figure out a way to repurpose them.  The most interesting piece is a used chair lift. You can already see the gears turning in Tuffy’s head and no doubt the gears will be turning on the lift soon too. And once the camper is cleared out, Tuffy figures there is no reason to not use that as well.

Young John Perrone doesn’t want to miss out an opportunity to operate some heavy equipment, so he offers to move the camper up to the site himself. He finds out quickly that there truly is an art to dragging a camper with a skid-steer. With Tuffy barking orders and his bachelor buddies watching his progress, he just barely manages to get the camper in place without destroying it first. Turns out demolishing the inside of the cabin in preparation for the rebuild is a lot more fun than trying to keep it in once piece.

The bachelors then set their energies toward turning the camper into an additional “man cave,” racing to get it in shape before Tuffy has to move onto a platform. Once the platform is built, moving the camper into position with a forklift is troublesome, because nothing in a build is ever as simple as hoped.  The weight tips the forklift, putting Tuffy in a precarious position. All the same, he manages to stay upright and get it the unwieldy man cave perfectly placed.

While John and his father are sent away for the last 24 hours, Paulie and Tuffy get to work on the special additions and finishing touches to the main cabin. The first is transforming that chair lift into something useful. Tuffy, as usual, has a fantastic idea– a moveable feast. The newly-engineered barbeque lift will make it easy to cook on the deck or down below the cabin, depending on where the Perrones want to put the grill.

When the Perrones return to see the finished project, they are stunned. The cabin is flawlessly integrated in with the maple tree that surrounds it, while still visually popping between the green leaves with its various shades of red siding. Check out this time lapse of the build:

Inside, everything is dual purpose. There is a foosball table that John has had for years that easily transitions into a dining table. A dart board turns around to become a clock. The kitchen cabinet door slides to either side, make grabbing beer glasses easy or to hide the mugs and reveal the beautiful serving china. John and his fiancée Jenna are both in awe and certain to enjoy their treetop palace for many years to come.

Tune in next week for Building Wild: Maple Syrup Motor Club on Tuesday April 7 at 9/8c to find out what sort of magic the Cabin Kings can build next!