New Series The Big Picture With Kal Penn Premieres Tonight

With the explosion of infographics and big data, maps aren’t just about geography anymore. They can tell us all kinds of things about the human experience. New series The Big Picture With Kal Penn is all about finding the unexpected — and sometimes surprising — realities in both the world at large and our own backyard, revealed by crunching the numbers and finding new ways to visualize data.

Host and producer Kal Penn (@kalpenn) will take viewers on a journey to understand how things like money, sex, food, sports and crime influence our daily lives. Exploring and generating infographics from information banks and data analyses, The Big Picture With Kal Penn will investigate different themes through the mapping of new data, the creative visualization of information and in-depth personal stories with fascinating characters.

Infographics, big data visualizations and maps are not the only tools used to bring the world alive. Documentary vignettes will tell stories that make the connections personal, introducing the real people who live and work at key intersections of each theme being explored. And Penn will serve as our guide, making the information relatable to the everyday viewer.

BE A PART OF THE BIG PICTURE: Each week, explore unexpected connections, and weigh in on topics from the show to what the data can do you for you.

Tonight at 9/8c on the series premiere of The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Crime, Inc., like it or not, our lives are shaped by the biggest and most powerful business on the planet: crime. This episode will delve into how the small, rural town of St. Albans, Vermont, is making big money for drug dealers; how the local economy in Canon City, Colorado, benefits from incarceration; and how the gangs in Washington, D.C., compete to control territory, a fight that is happening more and more through social media.

Then at 9:30/8:30c on Treasure Hunt, we’re on a quest to dig up the goods, from the most remote ends of the earth to our own backyards. And we’re charting a course to where X really does mark the spot of buried treasure. We’ll travel to northeastern Nevada, where more gold has been found than in the entire California Gold Rush. And in Defiance, Ohio, we’ll meet a family who discovered a bin of old baseball cards and found out that these rare collectibles are worth millions. Finally, we journey to Lodz, Poland, with treasure hunters seeking gold and jewels thought to be lost forever from World War II.

The Big Picture airs Monday nights at 9/8c. 


  1. hughButNotGrant
    June 28, 2015, 4:16 am

    Nice start in my country, keep with good work.

    Is there any dark mater left in our text books?