Bullies on the Block Tonight on Cesar 911


The Thomas Family

As animal lovers, George and Marri Thomas have always had a home full of pets. After enduring about six months without a canine companion, Marri decided it was time for another dog. However, not long after Tasi’s adoption their black German Shepherd named Tasi, she turned from loving companion to over-protective tyrant. Learn more about the Thomas family and Tasi in the Case File below.

Kendra and Ebbie Lou

When Kendra moved from Wisconsin to Los Angeles, her miniature Schnauzer named Ebbie Lou began to suffer a bit of an identity crisis. The once mindful and obidient Ebbie Lou turned into a nervous nelly, barking non-stop and inciting fights at the local doggy day care facility. If Kendra can’t get Ebbie Lou under control, she’ll be banned from the only affordable day care center in the neighbhorhood. Can Cesar help Kendra and Ebbie Lou turn their reputation around? Click here to learn more. 

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