S.O.S! Dog Emergency

Tonight on Cesar 911 two new cases test Cesar Milan’s instincts on rehabilitating dogs and training people.

The Jackson Family 

202_3First, meet Karen and her dog named Toby. Toby was originally adopted to act as a stress-therapy dog for Karen’s son Tristan. However, Toby’s been casing an incredible amount of trouble in neighborhood, acting out by lunging, barking—even biting one of the residents. Learn more about Toby’s Case File in this article.


Meet Alexis and John

darth-vadaNext, meet Alexis and John and their one-year old blue heeler named Darth Vada. When they first adopted Vada, she was an affectionate, calm dog and seemed like the perfect addition to their already full home. However, a couple of weeks later Vada began to show signs of aggression, attacking with no warning and destroying things in their home.  Alexis and John would be devasted to lose Vada, but they fear that if they can’t get her attacks under control—they may face a very difficult situation. Learn more about Vada’s Case File below and check out the Case File Pupdate after tonight’s episode.

Tune in to Cesar 911: S.O.S! TONIGHT at 9/8C. Don’t forget to follow up on the Case File Pupdate: Vada after the premiere! 


  1. Rich Mignon
    Bucks County PA
    March 26, 2015, 1:45 pm


    I watch your show weekly and wanted to thank you for many of the techniques and skills I have learned and have been very helpful to me as a dog groomer. I am very skilled and have a great reputation for being gentle but firm with even the most difficult dogs. Many of my clients tell me that their dogs enjoy going to the groomer.
    I was wondering if you have ever considered a segment on your weekly show that would highlight the story of a neglected dog that was brought in for a “Makeover”, the outcome of the makeover and possibly the adoption of that dog.
    As a weekly viewer, I would enjoy a few minutes at the end of your show devoted to this kind of story. I would love the opportunity to meet you and pitch this idea to you in person. I think you would be proud of how closely I follow your instructions, how successful I am handling dogs and how terrific my dogs look after I make them over!
    Rich Mignon
    Chalfont, PA