Pack Leader Problems on an All-New Cesar 911

Cesar Millan takes on an aggressive German shepherd whose owner, Ron, has been banned from his family functions due to his dog’s unpredictable behavior. Next, Cesar meets with a couple, Emily and Jay, whose toy dogs could get them evicted from their pet-friendly apartment complex on Cesar 911. 

Case File: Savannah

Ron has always been very involved with his large family and now he’s the outcast.
Find out more in the Case File video below. Will Cesar be able to help Ron and Savannah regain the family’s trust?

Case File: Buttons and Princess

Buttons and Princess are the two unruly barking tyrants around their pet-friend apartment complex. These pups may be tiny tykes, but they pack a powerful bark which turned this once peaceful pet oasis into a hostile home. This devilish dou barks incessantly and attacks any passerby. If they can’t get their pint-sized act together, they could face eviction. Learn more about their Case File: 

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