Spanning a River and Enjoying the View on Building Wild: Waterfall Cabin

This week on Building Wild, the Cabin Kings were faced with one their toughest builds yet on top of a remote mountain with a million dollar view.  Managing steep terrain and a site that includes straddling a ravine, there is no question that they are looking at a challenge. Owners Jamie and April Meracle have been trying to get someone to tackle this build for years on their 200 acres in Upstate New York and have always been turned down. Fortunately, it’s the sort of job that the Cabin Kings thrive on.

Taking advantage of the view, a contemporary cabin of steel and wood will span a ravine with a running stream and include windows that go from floor to ceiling. Securing the foundation requires some finesse though. They are going to have to drill into the rocks and then set monster-sized rebar into the holes, securing them with hydraulic cement. Jamie looks a bit dubious about this idea and wonders if an engineer has looked at the plans.

The Meracle’s have a box truck that has been sitting on the property for some time. April thinks of it as an eyesore, but Tuffy seems certain that they can use it to create a master bedroom for the cabin. Tuffy assures her that this kind of thing is right in Paulie’s wheelhouse. Surely he’ll be able to make into something much more attractive, but April still has her doubts. Chances are it will all come together, but first Paulie has to get the box truck up the hill, which–as usual–is not without a near-disaster.

Paulie and Tuffy disagree on whether or not they should put up the box, which will sit on a platform against the rest of the cabin. Paulie doesn’t feel that the cabin is secure enough to weather any accidents with the box just yet, but Tuffy doesn’t want to waste any more time. All the same, with one false move, the whole cabin could come down and all their work would be wasted. It’s all on Tuffy.

The box in place and most of the bones done on the building, the next cabin controversy is how to place the windows. They can be flush to the floor or raised and flushed to the ceiling. No one agrees how the glass should be placed and arguing about it is once again holding up the build. Paulie is now regretting giving anyone an option. They settle raising the windows up 18 inches from the floor.

With all the obstacles and controversies wrapped up, the Meracles are sent off so the team can finish the build. When they return, they find more than they hoped for. There is a true rock fire pit with boulder seating in the clearing outside. Since it’s a true cabin without running water, the Cabin Kings have built the family an outhouse with a special spin. The toilet swings around to face a plate glass window, so you can view the valley while you do your business.

Check out a timelapse of the complete build from the ground up:

The Meracles own a sign shop, so Jamie has a “sign graveyard” where he keeps all the salvage from teardowns. Paulie was excited to see how much trash he had to turn into treasure.  So inside the cabin there is décor made from retired signs, including a very special coffee table that opens up to a glass view of the stream below. And April is shocked to see what a beautiful bedroom can be constructed out of an old box truck. The Meracles are thrilled to have their dream come to fruition after waiting so many years of waiting.

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  1. maso
    March 11, 2015, 10:49 pm

    this is a great show EXCEPT for Paulie. he really should not be on this show. this is more of a manly show and Paulie is the one that just does not belong.

  2. Mike
    April 14, 2015, 7:13 pm

    could someone elaborate on the bar stools and the railing…what was used…any ideas to recreate.