Throw Your Own Cesar 911 Premiere Pooch Party

An all-new season of Cesar 911 premieres this Friday, February 27th and we’re SOOOO PUMPED!


To celebrate, we’re throwing around some ideas for
a Premiere Pooch Party! Not to brag…

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But we’ve come up with some great recipes for you
and your pup and games that will have everyone
playing along with the episode.

Download Pooch Premiere Bingo here! Play along during the episode for a chance to win a prize for your pooch.


No party would be complete without a crowd,
so make sure to phone your friends to join in on the action.

invite your friends

Now, for the T.R.E.A.T.’S..
Wait, did someone say treat?!


Recipes for Your Pets:

Puppy Love Pupcakes Recipe
Very Berry Howl-a-Day Cake
Classic Dog Treats

We know Takis, we’ve got some treats for humans too…


Recipes for Pet Owners:

Bone-wiches: Bone-shaped Sandwiches.
So simple and totally adorable, right?
Easy Dog Cupcakes
Puppy Chow



Puppy Activities and Games:

Cesar Says

  • Each dog pairs with their owner.
  • Pick a person to announce commands, which must be
    preceded by “Cesar Says.” Examples: “Cesar says sit.”
  • Each team must follow the leader’s instructions.
  • Any team who does not perform the right command, does not perform
    at all or performs a command without the preceding “Cesar Says” phrase is out.
  • The team left standing is the winner.

Treat Toss

  • Each person is given treats.
  • You can choose what kind and how many treats.
  • Each dog and their human are facing each other a few feet apart.
  • The owners must toss each treat one at a time to their dog.
  • Every treat their dog catches is 1 point.
  • The dog who catches the most treats in one minute is the winner.


Setting the Mood:

Check out our all-dog themed playlist on Spotify!

Most importantly…


and have fun!


  1. Rhonda Harris
    Los Angeles
    February 27, 2015, 9:58 pm

    I started watching the series so I can help my rescue who suffers from seperation anxiety and agression. I’m retired but need to help my dog so I can start walking him in my stray dog ridden neighborhood. We both need the socialization and exercise. Great show!