Hide the Anchor Balls! What You Missed on Wicked Tuna

After week two of the North Atlantic Bluefin tuna fishing season, Gloucester’s top boats are vying for their share of the huge paydays these giant fish can bring. And on the latest episode of Wicked Tuna: Anchor Anger, rivalries reach an all-time high as tensions spill over onto the dock.

Dave Marciano is no stranger to tough starts in his long career as a fisherman. After going fishless in the first week, Dave’s eager to finally find the meat and put some tuna on the deck of Hard Merchandise. Dave is also fishing with a new pair of hands this season, with his son Joe joining the crew as deckhand while he is on summer break from college. Along with first mate Jay Muenzner, the crew hopes to land their fish and start climbing up the leaderboard. Joe still has a lot to learn though, so Dave and Jay give him a first-­class tuna education. This week, he got a first-hand lesson in reeling in a wicked screamer. The Hard Merchandise earned their first tuna of the season and the Catch of the Week: 

Last season’s top-earning Bluefin captain, Dave Carraro of FV-Tuna.com, had a disappointing first week of fishing. He started week two behind the new leader, Dave’s frequent nemesis, cocky young captain Tyler McLaughlin of the Pin Wheel. When Tyler steams by to play a joke on the Dot Com guys, Dave and his first mate Sandro Maniaci find it far from funny.

Captain Tyler, meanwhile, isn’t having such a bad time and is looking to continue his hot streak from week one. After paying the Dot Com a visit and pretending to pop Dave’s anchor ball, Tyler and his mates start marking and are quickly hooked up. Not only are they able to land their fourth fish of the season, they’re able to do it in front of Dave and Sandro and reintroduce last season’s champ to this season’s new pecking order atop the leaderboard.

It’s enough to push Captain Dave Carraro over the edge. And that’s just what happened. Back on FV-­tuna.com, as Dave and Sandro’s week goes from bad to worse, so do their moods. Tyler’s prank of pretending to pop their anchor ball was the sour note that started it all. So when Dave and Sandro steam for shore, one thing is on their minds: find Tyler, and make him pay for the “week from hell” aboard the FV-­Tuna.Com.


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For Captain TJ Ott on Hot Tuna, problems this week aren’t coming from another boat, they’re coming from the deck of his own. The only way they’re going to land any fish is if he can bring his newest mate, his brother Mike, up to speed. The three-­man team, including long-­time first mate Jarrett, quickly find the fish this week, but the problem is getting them on the boat. Whether it’s tangled lines or bad communication, Mike’s inexperience is keeping him from being Johnny-­on-­the‐spot for his older brother and it almost cost them a huge payday. But fortunately in this case, almost doesn’t count–and the Hot Tuna was able to bring two more fish aboard, bringing the Hot Tuna’s total to three Bluefin, securing the #2 spot on the leaderboard.

It’s different struggles for different boats every week of the Bluefin fishing season, and this week is no different. And when everyone charges onto the water hoping to come home with the prize, some are inevitably going to return empty-handed and disappointed. It’s one giant gamble for these Gloucester fishermen and grinding away week in and week out is the only thing they can do to make sure the gamble pays off. This week certainly paid off for Hot Tuna. To put their catch into perspective, just one tuna could pay for an entire year’s worth of food.

Wicked Tuna, What's On the Line?

Don’t miss new episodes of Wicked Tuna Sunday’s at 9/8c on National Geographic Channel. And be sure to catch the online after show, Reel Talk, immediately following the premiere. Miss this week webisode? Watch it now! Captains Dave Carraro and Tyler McLaughlin discuss their ongoing rivalry, and the moment when things came to a head. TJ weighs in on all the drama and talks about fishing with his brother.


  1. simon
    souith africa benoni
    February 26, 2015, 3:21 am

    wicked tuna s4 showing on dstv south africa channel 181

  2. alan higgins
    March 1, 2015, 9:08 pm

    Sorry, but Dave’s behavior forces me to keep the kids from watching. Dave is a really bad example of leadership an sportsmanship. He is basically looser. If you “created” the controversy, then shame on you. If not, get a new boat for the show. Love the show

  3. Jean Light
    Mississippi, USA
    March 1, 2015, 10:41 pm

    .com went too far last week when he hit Tyler with the balloon. It was an act of aggression that should have gotten him some assault charges. Very unprofessional and called for a long talk with our grandson about not fighting or hitting people.
    Poor, poor sportsmanship, can’t take a joke then get off the show and out of the kitchen. Acted like a complete jerk. Not that Tyler was right, but Dave was totally out of line.

  4. Kevin
    East Coast
    March 2, 2015, 12:41 am

    Pinwheel Tyler seems NOT To be getting the Price Per Pound
    He deserves and I hope he does NOT Sell to the same Buyer Ever Again.
    @ $10 Per Pound WE ALL on TV can see that the buyer in Maine is SELFISH and Greedy for Sure !!!
    GOOD LUCK TYLER I hope you smoke them, But Do not be a Baby and a Jerk about it. Be bigger than that and Just be proud…

  5. Kevin Dodd
    Kokomo indiana
    March 2, 2015, 2:15 am

    I was shocked to see a so called adult boat captain treat Tyler the way he did. If that was me so would have decked him real good!! Price of s;/( he is! That was offensive to me and I bet a lot of others too!! I’m just plain shocked, again, please let me have 10 minutes with him.!

  6. Willie Thomas jr.
    Ceres, Ca. Central California
    March 2, 2015, 3:04 am

    I have to say that Dave is nothing but a big “DICK”! He can’t handle anyone talking mess to him, so he got rid of Paul. The only reason Sandro is still with him, cause he doesn’t say anything that would bother him. Paul enjoys himself, tells it like it is and Dave can’t deal with it. Dave is nothing but a big ass cry baby. Tyler started off kicking his ass and he couldn’t handle it. Tyler started messing with him, pretending to mess with his anchor buoy, which he never did touch and Dave accused him of messing with his buoy only because he haven’t caught anything up to that point. If Dave would have hit me in the face like he did Tyler, i would have kick his ass! I bet he wouldn’t have tried that with any of the other captain’s, cause know he would get his ass kicked! Dave is such a sore loser, but when he’s winning he loves to rub it in on the other captain’s. He need to grow up, take the bad with the good, cause all the captain’s know how tough it is to have a consistent prosperous fishing season. There’s a whole lot of luck being in the right place at the right time to catch a Tuna! I love watching these guys catch those tuna’s, they all have great skill’s. I do feel for them (not for Dave), when they lose one off the hook or don’t catch them! I really like Marciano, Paul Tyler and TJ, they all have great attitudes! Good Luck to all the Captain’s. I’ll be watching you all and cheering for you!!!!

  7. Dinny27
    Winnipeg, Canada
    March 2, 2015, 8:05 pm

    Dave should be discussed with himself!!! Our family loves the show and watches it ritually. Honestly I am shocked that there is nothing being done about it and that Tyler is not suing or pressing charges. Dave need to learn there are consequences to his actions. I am discussed by his behaviour, and think that Dave should not be able to be on the show. No one wants to see that discusting behaviour, and that he knew cameras we rolling, family’s with young children we watching. Dave never thought of anyone but him self. All the other captains are awesome, go Tyler! Best if luck to you all!

  8. Lori Antalek
    new york
    March 2, 2015, 8:35 pm

    i use to like .com but i think he is an idiot acting that way towards tyler. Be a man not a sore loser.

  9. Glad it's not Dave C
    March 3, 2015, 3:33 pm

    Man that Dave from Dotcom is really making an ass out of himself. Maybe one of those big blue dogs he’s so good at hooking will pull him over and teach him a lesson for a change. Tyler is young enough to be your own child man… If anyone is acting a kid it is most definitely Dave of Dotcom. Grow a pair buddy. The way he talks about class and ass was damn hypocritical for all his 60 year old bad mouthing and aggression. What a lame brain! Super unprofessional!

  10. Josie
    Los Angeles, CA
    March 3, 2015, 8:14 pm

    Dave from the F-V is a CHUMP. He needs to grow up and act like a man instead of some whiny kid that doesn’t know any better. Dave, in case you haven’t figured it out, fishing is a sport, so try a little SPORTSMANSHIP (look up in dictionary if you don’t know what that word means)! Also, try having a little fun the way Tyler likes to, you won’t grow old so fast.

  11. Rob
    March 4, 2015, 1:33 am

    I lost every bit of respect I had for Dave Carraro for that stunt with Tyler.
    It’s funny when Tyler catches a fish it’s like a gift, but with Dave it’s pure arrogance, It’s like he is the best and deserves to catch more fish than anyone!
    Kick him and his attitude off of the show!
    I also see the fvtuna.com web address is for sale Hmm too much hate mail Dave?

  12. radiator
    Denver, Colorado
    March 4, 2015, 11:58 am

    Dave, “the captain” of the .com boat showed the world how NOT TO ACT or use any self control after he assaulted Tyler, Pinwheel’s skipper on the night he hit him several times. Besides the obvious, also “flicking” Tyler’s nose & Dave’s continued crazy, childish rants against him was sad. Tyler was the bigger man. Dave you were the punk in this. Dave did you Even think of Tyler fell and was severly injured? What would you say? It is tough enough for you fisherman, and this is an example that shows viewers the idiotic “fisherman” Dave is! Tyler my hat’s off to you for not knocking the obvious “weaker” and brain dead dave on his behind. I’m older than dave, & wouldn’t have acted in the foolish way he did, especoally in front of my kids. POOR Sportsmanship DAVE! Kudos to Tyler and his crew. R.

  13. radiator
    Denver, Colorado
    March 4, 2015, 12:17 pm

    Go Pinwheel and every other boat this season. Dave is a fragile man with little self-respect, as we se he doesn”t have it for others. Dave were you picked on when you were in high school or middle school? It looks like it as you act like a person to make themselves bigger than they really are. No rhymes here, just stating the obvious. Having fun yet Dave? Lighten up.

  14. P Lo
    March 8, 2015, 12:07 am

    Don’t understand all the hate towards .com. I like Dave & Sandro. Tyler is an immature piece of crap. He’s a jerk. Everyone keeps saying he’s a kid. He’s a grown man acting like a kid. I love the show with my two favorites Hard Merchandise & .com.

  15. ROSE
    California,Los Angeles
    March 8, 2015, 3:49 am


  16. Don
    March 8, 2015, 9:07 am

    Dave needs to just fish and stop worrying about tyler.

  17. John
    Hudson Canyon
    March 8, 2015, 8:38 pm

    Had to come here and figure out what the writers put in the script, oops, I mean… What happened between Dave and Tyler.

    It’s realityTV folks, not reality!

    Used to spend a lot of time out on the shelf, and these folks are fishing some of the most productive and overfished bluefin tuna waters in the USA.

    Tyler is an asshat for mating on a boat for one season so he could steal his captain’s GPS numbers, and this has earned him a lot of bad press with the fleet.

    Whether this is factual or fictitious I do not know, but it makes for good TV, and every one loves a train wreck.

    Dave certainly seems to be a bit of a prima donna and wants folks on deck who will keep the ego well massaged, or it’s walk the plank.

    If you think this is crazy and exciting, you should have been out there during the 80s-90s when fuel was affordable and every Weekend Warrior was testing their mettle out on the grounds.

    THAT was a bit hairy at times as I look back, but it was a lot of fun!

    It is still neat to see these great fish be taken by rod and reel, not by longline, or purse seine.

  18. Scott Hayes
    March 12, 2015, 4:10 pm

    All I got to say is that Dave is lucky he didn’t do that to a older man like me cause he would have been pickin his teeth up off the floor. My 10 year old daughter even said what a jerk, uncalled for sore loser

  19. Michael
    Topsail, NC
    March 15, 2015, 9:25 pm

    Can someone explain why Tyler gets so little per pound compared to everyone else? It appears he’s using a different buyer. If that’s true, why would he use a different buyer than the others? Sure would be nice if the leader board also showed total weight caught. I think young Tyler would be on top if that were the case.
    In season 1 I had a lot of respect for Dave Carraro on the tuna.com, but he’s been slowly showing his true self over the last couple of seasons. This season when he sucker punched Tyler with the float, I thought he was better than that. I hope he ends up on the bottom. Sorry Sandro, but your boss is POS. He’s lucky he didn’t pull that chicken sh*t stunt on someone a little older. They would have decked his sorry butt right then and there.

  20. Sherry
    March 15, 2015, 11:43 pm

    Sorry I am a new viewer. Are they limited to the size of line used in catching fish?

  21. michelle a lyons
    United States
    March 16, 2015, 2:32 am

    i agree he’s always a sore looser and like i said he passed his luck onto tyler i think he should pay a fine that was such poor sportsmanship and thats a pro sport and televised hell tyler get an attorney i’m just glad he didn’t hit you with his real balls but we know he doesn’t have any, i will always love fishing till i die hell biggest fish i ever caught was a 300+ gag grouper and had to let it go but damb it was so fun and exciting i just wanted a good picture but nobody would take one of me sticking my head in its mouth and it dislocated my right shoulder a just get to into it hell i know because i have 3 brothers and they know im the better fisher and i know them guys must get the best hard ons when they hook 1 every time

  22. michelle a lyons
    high point, n.c
    March 16, 2015, 2:38 am

    <3 <3 <3 please dont ever take this show off t.v. they should have more fishing shows on or a fishing channel but at moms i have cable at boyfriends we do not drives me crazy i cant wait for the warmer spring weather because since i'm still unemployed because nobody will hire me because i have to fix my smile or dentures then fishing is where i will be

  23. luis medrano
    United States
    March 22, 2015, 2:44 am

    I love this show but my boys and I may be taking a break. I only pay for the survivor, science and nat geo channels because they have so much good stuff. When you make the decision to glorify this kind of assault without consequence I have to make tough choices. I’m waiting next week and hoping for an apology and explanation from Dave that his behavior was wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and we need to step up and admit it. Please don’t let your show go down the dump.

  24. Davesuck
    April 11, 2015, 8:09 am

    Kick that scumbag Dave off the show. He brings nothing to the show, it is about fishing, not about physically assaulting people. Terrible if you let him go unpunished

  25. Josie
    Los Angeles, CA
    April 13, 2015, 1:44 am

    Dave at dot.com – put a sock in it. Showing your true colors and bad attitude is not something we want to watch. If you need to keep your mouth busy plant yourself in a corner and suck your thumb. You become more childish every week.

  26. Roy fredrick
    Jonesboro arkansas
    April 26, 2015, 12:05 am

    I would like to see Paul fish with Tyler again, I think they make a good team and catch tuna.

  27. jay
    May 5, 2015, 1:13 pm

    Tyler aka shaggy from Scooby doo deserved what he got don’t get mad at dave from Dot.com Tyler is a complete idiot!

  28. Josie
    Los Angeles, CA
    May 11, 2015, 1:32 am

    TJ you are way to nice to think that carnivorous weasel Dave from dot.com could ever be your friend. I certainly hope you have learned your lesson and throw an ice cube at him the next time he’s in trouble.

  29. Oscar
    Guadalajara México
    August 27, 2015, 5:59 pm

    Dave is a dick , since I watch the show he always has that bad atttitude , a very bad looser , I like marciano , he’s team work example , hope the other captains beats dave carro’s ass every seasons

  30. Ed
    March 12, 8:22 pm

    Surprised all the haters on Dave putting a little sh*t in his place. Tyler is a complete tool, and deserves MUCH more than he got. Little entitled b*tches like him are a result of “everyone deserves a trophy” mentality.