Constructing a Tailgating Paradise on Building Wild

This week on the season premiere of Building Wild: Tailgating Paradise, Paulie and Tuffy are in Searsburg, Vermont working on a cabin for Sean Winters, a passionate Jets fan. The property is 580 acres with 17 miles of groomed trails for four-wheelers and snowmobiles. Winters imagines having the perfect place to enjoy away games with his friends and family. The Cabin Kings have one week to build a 1,350 square-foot cabin at the top of a steep hill in the middle of the woods. As usual, they find and conquer plenty of challenges.

Fortunately, Winters has an army of friends who are big Jets fans as well, and he brings his entire crew to help build a tailgater’s dream in the wilderness. Paulie and Tuffy watch them stream out of Winter’s Jet-themed bus in awe. They have their build team and are ready to put them right to work.

Winters owns a private sanitation company, and wants to utilize some dumpsters on his property as a component of the build. Tuffy envisions building an ATV garage out of the dumpster shells, and can’t wait to start tearing them apart so that he can put them back together.

Of course nothing is ever as easy as Tuffy envisions. A mechanism inside the dumpster that needs to be removed refuses to budge.  He tries yanking it out and when that doesn’t work, he uses the bucket of the excavator to try to pound it free. What he really needs is a wrecking ball, and he isn’t going to let the fact that he doesn’t have one stop him. Hanging a rock from fifteen feet of chain, Tuffy finesses the excavator into a wrecking machine and deftly manages to knock out the back end of the dumpster. It’s a Fred Flintstone move, but Tuffy can coax his machinery into doing just about anything–and it works.

Everything Winters does is big, so the table he envisions for his cabin needs to seat 25 people. The Cabin Kings harvest two 20-foot logs, one cherry and one birch from the property and show Winters how to use a portable mill to turn them into lumber. Meanwhile, up at the job site, Paulie is directing the crew as they put together the building from a log cabin kit. The kit saves them time, which is of the essence on a build this big. With rain in the forecast, the faster they move the better. So the crew pulls together to get the roof on before the storm. It certainly isn’t the first time the weather hasn’t cooperated. Still, the team wastes no time getting inside insulation and other work done while they wait for the storm to pass.

Tuffy keeps himself busy doing what he does best, turning trash into treasure. He makes a beautiful flag pole out of a seven-part telescoping hydraulic cylinder that he finds. Then he designs a portable barbeque from the bones of an ATV and an old tank.

As is tradition, the Cabin Kings send Winters off while they put together the finishing touches. When Winters returns, he finds all of his friends standing in front of the cabin of his dreams. There is a fire pit, a Jets-themed outdoor bar area, truck tailgate bench seating, and of course the Dumpster ATV Parking Garage. The most important feature however, is inside, a screened-in porch with a solar-powered TV and stadium seating.


The most impressive part of the build however has to be the dining hall, spacious seating for all his friends at one massive and beautiful table. The Cabin Kings have won the big game! Winters has his dream tailgating party destination, perfect for riding ATV’s all morning and sharing the afternoon with friends and family watching the game.

Tune in next Tuesday, March 3 at 9PM et/pt and to find out what the guys will come up with for  the next build on Building Wild: Waterfall Cabin.


    tailgate party
    February 26, 2015, 9:35 pm

    I really enjoy the show. all the hard work and the results are fantastic

  2. Larry Oswald
    St. James, NY
    February 26, 2015, 11:49 pm

    I’ve known Sean for many…many years. There’s NO bigger Jets fan! Happy for him, what an awsome cabin!

  3. D hooper
    February 28, 2015, 10:01 am

    Hey. Love your show!! Would love to know who makes the solar panel you guys used. Thanx so much!!