Now Streaming Free: “Ultimate Survival Alaska” Season 3 Premiere

One of the toughest competitions in the world is back for round three as 12 of the world’s toughest outdoorsmen face off against each other, Mother Nature, and their own will to survive. This fight to the finish isn’t about money or a prize, it’s about pushing the limits of human endurance. It’s a dangerous test of strength and determination. And in the end, only one team will be crowned the winner.

And while Season 3 may not officially start until Sunday, January 4 at 9/8c, we’re streaming the first hour of the two-hour season premiere online for free right now! Missed last season? We’ve got you covered. Check out the complete second season, available now online!

Ultimate Survival Alaska returns for its third and most grueling installment yet. Four teams—Military, Endurance, Alaskans, and this season’s new team, Lower 48—face forbidding peaks, deadly tidal waves, massive glaciers, bottomless crevasses, man-eating predators and treacherous white water. In each of the 13 legs this season, teams have just 60 hours to make it from start to finish… surviving off the land with only the gear on their backs. No GPS. No phones. No mercy.

On the season premiere, it’s the first leg of the competition, and the four teams are battling their way to the summit of Mount Gerdine. To get there, they must cross a rapidly thawing lake, traverse a crevasse-filled glacier and claw their way up walls of crumbing ice. Eager to defend his title, returning champion Dallas Seavey leads Team Endurance across thin lake ice in pursuit of Team Military, while Team Alaskans takes the steepest and most direct route up the mountain. Team Lower 48 has trouble from the start as its members struggle to find common ground in their push to the summit. Watch the first hour now!

On the second leg of the competition, teams are dropped near the top of a towering mountain peak and provided with skis, snowboards and climbing rope. The mission is clear: Descend the mountain in any way possible. Facing an array of life-threatening obstacles, the choice is speed versus safety. On Team Endurance, Seavey, a novice skier, struggles to get down the near-vertical slopes and costs valuable time. Team Military bypasses the skis and instead uses the rope to rappel down a series of steep cliffs. Team Alaskans has the advantage, as all three members are strong skiers, but their confidence leads to costly mistakes. Team Lower 48 continues to struggle and, after a navigational dispute, one team member threatens to quit.

Season three of Ultimate Survival Alaska premieres Sunday, Jan. 4, at 9 PM ET/PT on National Geographic Channel.


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