Home of Reinheitsgebot #WhereInTheWorld [CHUG Takeover] REVEALED!

Salzburg is surrounded by the Alpine mountains and the country’s highest peaks are along its border. Hiking and skiing are popular activities enjoyed by both locals and tourists and cable-car rides that give patrons a birds-eye view of the valleys below is also a very popular activity.

Salzburg is home to variety of tourist eye-candy—Salzburg Castle, St. Peter’s Monastery, and, of course, the home of Mozart. The cobblestone streets, rustic cafes and sky-high church spires give this city a nostalgic-old Europe feel. Stores that sell everything from Austrian flags to “Mozartkugel”—chocolate-covered pistachio marzipan and nougat balls in honor of the famous composer—are everywhere.

It’s safe to say that this is a city that honors the classics — especially when it comes to beer. The Viennese take the ancient craft of brewing very seriously and in 1518 created the German Beer Purity Law known as Reinheitsgebot, stipulating that only water, hops and barely may be used to make this well-respected libation. Zumwohl!

Tune in at 7:30/6:30c and watch Zane begin his journey in Salzburg and then hop a train to Vienna to discover the country’s historic beer culture.

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