The Opera House Down Under #WhereInTheWorld [CHUG Takeover] REVEALED!

Sydney_001_ChugEveryone knows the distinctive seashell-like structure of the Sydney Opera House as the icon of Australia’s capital. Since it’s opening in 1973, the Sydney Opera House is one of Australia’s greatest tourist attractions and a celebrated hub of music and culture.

Overlooking the Sydney harbor, this architectural masterpiece took 16 years to build, with 4 years alone dedicated to figuring out how to build shell-like roof. The cost and complex technical detail made the Opera House a topic of great public controversy during its construction, but the results were worth all of the tribulations. Today, the Opera House serves as a performing arts venue for ballets, choir concerts, plays and, of course, operas.

In addition to the scenic view of the harbor, The Sydney Opera house is in close proximity with museums, parks, restaurants and bars. Tonight at 10:30p ET, tune in to see Zane experience drinking down under, where he finds great beers, quality wines, questionable concoctions, and interesting characters.

Find out more about Zane’s adventures in Sydney and don’t miss CHUG: Sydney TONIGHT at 10:30P.