Hunting Living Fossils

Alligator gar are perhaps one of the most ancient fish to inhabit US fresh waters. Often referred to as “living fossils” alligator gar have gained their reputation due to the fact that the species has remained relatively unchanged biologically for the past 100 million years. The prehistoric relatives of this snaggle-toothed megafish were found in many parts of the world, but today gar are only found in Central and North America. Catching one of these menacing-looking fish can be quite the adrenaline rush for sport fisherman due to their often behemoth-grade size, reaching lengths of up to 10 feet and have been known to weight up to 300 lbs.

Tonight on Eric Greenspan is Hungry travel to South Texas and ride along with Eric and Mauzner as they track down one of these fierce, freshwater giants for a meal that defies the ages and honors local tradition.


They’ll be meeting with local fisherman and business owners of South Texas in search of the best ways to cook up this prehistoric fish. Check out one of the best recipes from the episode, Gerard’s Alligator Gar Balls, savory round-cakes of flaky fish and garlic herbed potatoes. Don’t have alligator gar in your neck of the woods? No problem! Grouper or snapper will substitute just fine.

Let us know what you think of the recipe and don’t miss Eric Greenspan is Hungry: Texas Gar TONIGHT at 10P.