Going Hog Wild on Eric Greenspan is Hungry ALL-NEW SERIES

Buckle up, America! Chef Eric Greespan and his co-pilot Captain Mauzner are hitting the pavement, making their way on a great American road trip, documenting their carnivorous quest for the ultimate meat experience.

2087908_scales-like-steel_5mjown5qsekcexmdnljym3zyjhncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma_457x610Eric Greenspan is Hungry is a cross-country, off-the-beaten-path adventure, a wild ride that leaves nothing to the imagination. Eric and Mauzner go straight to the source tracking down some of our nation’s most unexpected game to discover the homegrown and home-cooked traditions the locals they meet along the way have to offer. Dig deep into decades of family recipes and hunting traditions that have been waiting to be discovered like whole roasted goat flambéed with sugarcane vinegar served in the traditional Cajun boucherie ceremony, “bang-bang” wild turkey bites, alligator gar balls or whole smoked hog with a mouthwatering rub known as “squealer dust.”

On tonight’s episode of Eric Greenspan is Hungry, Eric Greenspan and Captain Mauzner head to Warren, Arkansas, in search of dishes made with an animal that is considered both a pest and a local delicacy: wild hog. While hogs make a tasty meal, Eric and Mauzner discover putting one on the table is easier said than done.  Wild hogs are intelligent and have found ways to avoid being hunted. Their long snouts have a finely-tuned sense of smell that picks up a hunters scent and they tend to feed at dawn and dusk making them a difficult shot in low light. For more on Hunting Wild Hogs click here.



As with any hunting territory, the locals know best so Eric and Mauzner meet up with Doug “The Mouth” Thornton who shows them a thing or two about hunting wild hog in the back country of Arkansas. If the guys can land a hog during the hunt, Doug has promised some of his most-prized recipes to bring to the table.

Check the boys preparing for their first hog hunt in the video below and don’t miss Eric Greenspan is Hungry: Arkansas Wild Hog TONIGHT at 10P.