9 Unusual Snack Foods Around The World

Junk food is a universal language. No matter what culture you’re from, chances are you enjoy grazing on salty, sweet or savory snacks from time to time, partaking in a global tradition of gluttony. Snack food is an enormous global market, grossing nearly $400 billion in the past year. While fruit and chocolate are universally adored by snackers around the world, our tastes fluctuate between regions, with North Americans preferring salty foods, Europeans and Middle Easterners spending the most on confections, Latin Americans choosing cookies and cakes and Asians buying more refrigerated snacks.

So, we all like to snack. But what precisely are we eating? Peek into snack cabinets and grocery aisles around the world and you’ll find a dazzling array of junk food, from spicy wasabe Kit Kats to haggis chips.

Click through our picks for 9 of the world’s most unusual snacks, and let us know which ones we missed in the comments.

Even experienced chefs with refined palates can’t resist a little junk now and then. Which junk food do they crave?

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