Live Free Or Die’s Most Dangerous Moments

It takes a level of fearlessness to get up off the couch and voluntarily forfeit the comforts of modern life for a semi-primitive existence. Naturally, the cast of Live Free Or Die are an adventuresome, thick-skinned bunch. Whether out of nature or necessity, the show’s subjects haven’t shied away from the disgusting and the dangerous, eating questionable roadkill, tracking predators and using unwieldily and unpredictable tools in a variety of unsafe ways.

No one has been hurt so far – many of these dangerous feats have become strangely routine for cast members – but with each close call, the folks on the show learn vital lessons for avoiding future threats and confrontations in the wild.

Here are the four most dangerous things that the cast has done so far:

Thorn lit a fire with gunpowder

Desperate to keep himself warm following a rainstorm, Thorn decides to add some gun powder to the wet kindling to try and build the fire. Of course, throwing gun powder is not a safe practice at all – the explosion of black gunpowder is precisely what was used to hurl projectiles in muskets for centuries, and can easily do the same to warm coals in a fire.


Gabe drank goat blood

Gabe’s an adventuresome eater – rats are a foundational part of his diet – but his “blood pancakes” definitely fall on the “wildly dangerous” side of Gabe’s curious-wilderness-diet spectrum. As we mentioned last week, it’s not entirely dangerous if prepared as Gabe does (in tiny amounts and mostly baked-off), but as common sense dictates, in most cases blood can be easily placed in the “not safe to drink/eat” category.

Gabe and Justin hunted a 200-pound wild boar

Unlike domesticated North American swine, wild boars are actually quite dangerous. Large wild boars can weigh around 300 pounds and can run up to 40 MPH. Justin and Gabe have all of this in mind when they set out to hunt a boar that’s been roaming the hills around Gabe’s camp, so they take extra precaution to trap it safely. Nevertheless, they’re at a disadvantage: armed only with bows, they have to get within 30 yards of the boar to actually hit the pig. If they miss or hit the boar in the wrong spot, the boar could easily charge and overtake either of them. Wild boars are a non-native species to North America, and numerous attempts to control population control through hunting have had little effect. This was all too clear to Justin and Gabe, who after two days of tracking the boar, settled for a less evasive and dangerous species.


Gabe tracked a mountain lion

After being startled by a noise near his cabin, Gabe decides to investigate the cause, searching for tracks and clues. He finds mountain lion tracks and does what anyone would do when armed only with a bow and arrow: follows it.


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  1. Larry Martoglio
    Winchester KY
    November 11, 2014, 7:56 pm

    Just watched a hog butchered and wood shakes made for a hut, all done as badly as amateurs can. Change to Live Free and Stupidly for a title. Your cast is ignorant of basic ways to live in the woods and are not only misguided and sometimes illegal but will encourage others to be ignorant. See Foxfire books for better ways if you can’t find people who know how. Larry

  2. Christina
    November 12, 2014, 2:24 am

    Maybe this has been brought up before but does Thor pay child support for his daughter and if so where does he get the money for that or for other things like the goat and store bought food?

  3. Gerri
    Venice, ca
    November 14, 2014, 10:12 pm

    Call me stupid but is it legal for Gabe and friend to be hunting wild boar on what is obviously someone else’s property… As evidenced by hothouses full of crops?? I wouldn’t want crazy dudes with bow and arrows running thru my fields.

  4. tom
    November 15, 2014, 6:12 pm

    Great show concept, but PLEASE get rid of the metrosexual hipsters.
    The only ones that are not completely despicable are the married couple and the fur trapper in Georgia.

    Americans have had their fill of assholes with facial tattoos, long-haired hippies “getting back to nature”, and phony stuff like the costumes you have these people in, the obvious assistance they have had preparing their camps, and the supplies they have with them that absolutely came from stores.

    I’m sure the film is in the can for this season, but for next year, PLEASE replace the weirdos in the cast.

  5. Calvin
    November 18, 2014, 10:35 pm

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