Feast Your Eyes on NatGeoEat.com!

Dream of a time when beer was safer to drink than water. A time when lobster was considered garbage and caviar was so plentiful it was a free bar snack. Could you imagine a time when people who couldn’t afford to indulge in sugary treats cosmetically blackened their teeth to appear wealthy? Or how about a future where meat is grown in the lab or farmed in the sea, and nutrition comes in a paste like Plumpy’nut or a beverage like Soylent? Now travel there.

NatGeoEat.com takes users on a tasty journey to eras past, present, and future to reveal how food shaped our world. The immersive second screen companion is chock full of amazing facts, compelling imagery, shareable infographics, video, and more. Check out this veritable feast for the eyes!

Don’t miss the three-night miniseries event, Eat: The Story of Food November 21st-23rd only on the National Geographic Channel.