Announcing “Eat: The Story of Food”


Food. It’s driven nearly everything we’ve done as a species, and yet it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of human history. In the beginning, our hunger drove us to hunt. Then, it led us to plant and settle, resulting in civilization. We conquered the land, and we went out into the ocean and then the larger world. We filled our bellies, but it still wasn’t enough. Because as humans became more sophisticated, so did our needs — we searched for flavor and convenience, adapting science and technology to match our cravings. Whether for meat or sugar, junk food or beer, humanity’s appetite has altered the planet, shaped our history and even altered our future. This 6-part series is the epic story behind food and how it made us “us.”

In addition to this television special, National Geographic Channel and the National Geographic Society are exploring the future of food and celebrating our connection to food through a major, multiyear cross-platform initiative. The initiative grows out of an eight-month series in National Geographic magazine looking at how we can feed our growing world population. The magazine’s coverage is now available as a free iPad app at The initiative has also included two new books, a website at, an education curriculum, events and exhibitions.

Check back for more exciting updates, including an in-depth interactive companion to the series—coming soon to!


  1. Sally
    November 19, 2014, 4:21 pm

    How many times are you going to cook that lobster in the ad? Someone should have known that lobsters turn red when they are cooked; to be authentic, they should have been putting a dark green critter into the pot.