Blood Sweat and Tears on Live Free or Die

Tonight on Live Free or Die, familiar challenges and new ventures test the primitives’ survival skills. Despite one of the most brutal winters on record finally coming to an end, new obstacles always have a way of cropping up. The primitives will face both small and life-changing situations that test their resolve to stay wild.

In central California, the search for wild boar continues. Gabriel and his childhood friend Justin continue to track these giant animals and have a few close encounters, managing to take a few shots at a herd. But, to their chagrin, the boars manage to escape.

In the Blue Ridge, Thorn is again struggling with the changing weather. This time, the rain is wreaking havoc on his hut and the few belongings he has. Thorn gets to work building a new shelter in an effort to build a more stable home both for himself and his five year-old daughter. Meanwhile, Tony and Amelia are expanding their hillside operation by clearing space for a chicken coop. To gather wood for the structure, Tony helps Amelia’s father Marc dismantle an old cabin.

In Georgia, Colbert is reeling from an unimaginable tragedy: the loss of his hand-built cabin of twenty years. He sifts through the rubble, trying to salvage whatever he can. He sets up camp in his small fishing hut as he tries to make sense of what’s happened.

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