Pinkeye Outbreak on the Farm

Dr. Pol may be from the Netherlands, but there’s no question his home is Michigan. Dr. Pol is just your average racehorse helpin’, outbreak stoppin’, bull-castrating, good old mid-western farm vet.

First stop of the day – Finnerty Farms where a pink eye outbreak is threatening to spread to the entire herd. Doc Pol takes a culture from one of the infected cows for the creation of a personalized vaccine that will stop the bacteria in its tracks.

Long-time clients and friends, Deb and Dave Marshall call asking for help castrating the newest members of the herd. Never folks to waste, the Marshalls cook up something special – “Rocky Mountain Oysters” are on the menu and they’re saving a few for Doc Pol!

Then when Charles’ old football teammate comes in with his family for a horse castration, Charles receives an invitation to relive some of his own glory days when he packs up and heads out to the local Homecoming game at his beloved alma mater.

Back at the clinic, high school senior Travis has been training diligently with his beloved horse Thunder, but after a damaging fall during a race, Thunder is coming up lame. With little more than a week before the big race for Regionals, will Dr. Pol be able to figure out the problem in time to help Travis achieve his racing dreams?

Dr. Brenda has her hands full with Rue, a miniature pot-belied pig battling an itchy case of mange. Rue appears to be getting better, but Dr. Brenda finds that Rue has been living the good life and snacking on food fit for a queen… or a human. She’s missing the valuable nutrients that could soothe her skin. Rue’s owner Courtney will need to rein in her mini-pig’s diet before it gets hog wild.

Dr. Pol gets a chance to pig out himself, sampling the delicious offerings at a 4H dinner. Everyone else is in the know, but Dr. Pol is shocked when the 4H gives him the Friend of 4H award for all his work with children and the community.

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