Something Wicked This Way Comes Tonight on “Ice Ice Tuna”

With more than a third of the Carolina bluefin tuna quota already filled, everyone in the fleet feels the pressure to fish at every opportunity. So when an Atlantic Ocean winter storm system whips up rough seas and ice in the local harbor, it forces northern and southern captains to take huge risks to fish in dangerous conditions for their big money catch.

The Southern fishermen get out on the water early in a bid to catch and get home safely before an incoming storm hits. With rapidly changing conditions, the last place they want to be is 50 miles offshore in the Outer Banks, which is known as the graveyard of the North Atlantic. And for good reason. Ocean winds create waves that can cause sandbars to shift by the hour, making conditions incredibly hazardous for boats.

In this clip, Paul and Tyler attempt to navigate one such treacherous bar in harsh conditions.

This first winter storm delivers something the Northern fishermen never expected to see in North Carolina—snow and ice! Just like home in Gloucester. With Wanchese Harbor iced in, all of the captains—northern and southern—must decide whether it is worth risking their lives trying to break though the ice and attempt to cross the treacherous bar outside the inlet.

For Northern captains Tyler McLaughlin of the Pin Wheel and TJ Ott of the Hot Tuna, the decision is easy—they didn’t steam 550 miles to Wanchese to just sit at the dock. Both attempt to use their boats as icebreakers, but only one succeeds.

Don’t miss Wicked Tuna North vs. South: Ice Ice Tuna Sunday at 10P.


  1. BillieC
    September 28, 2014, 9:33 am

    I’m a North Carolina commercial fisherman that’s been in the industry for 35 years. I usually don’t care for Yankees, but I am actually pulling for them and the Fishing Frenzy (Yankee captain). The dbags fishing on the Wahoo and Doghouse are the most insecure fisherman I have ever seen. Here in North Carolina we are supposed to welcome any competition, not whine and sit in port when the competition you are whining about is not on the hill and out catching fish. EVERY decent fisherman knows the fish bite best when your getting your butt handed to you. Doghouse….karma is a bitch isn’t it. Hope shooting a poly ball and looking like an idiot was worth it. Reed, why don’t you just learn how to shut up and fish. As a native North Carolinian and commercial fisherman who’s been fishing almost twice as long as you, I am embarrassed at how you have portrayed us. I personally hope your boat sinks at the dock. BillieC

  2. John D.Seymoure
    Jacksonville, IL
    October 20, 2014, 12:43 am

    Billie C. I like your comment! I stayed for a month at my aunt’s Motel the Rainbow in Henderson, N.C. quite a few years ago and thought the Hospitality I got was much better than what the Crybabies I saw from N.C. Guys Fishing the Outer Banks in Wicked Tuna. I thought Tyler was bad in Glouster but he acted a lot better during this season and in my opinion I think the Guys weighing the fish and judging for quality and handing out the price per pound should be investigated. They cheated the Northern Fisherman and the last episode really showed it when Tyler brought in that 96 incher and only got $19/pound & the Yahoo got $26 for a similar if not worse quality fish. They should be shut down for cheating the PinWheel, and Hard Merchandise and I’m not a big Tyler fan. He needs to just be quiet and fish too and listen to Paul’s advice since he has been fishing longer than Ty has been alive. But its a travesty that every Yankee boat got screwed up the butt when it comes to Price per pound. The show would show a Southerner’s fish and give them $16 or higher per pound price and a Yankee would bring a fish as good or better and bigger and they got under $12/pound nearly every time at least until over half of the Season and possibly longer. i think the Market guys thought since they were Yankees they could screw them and force them to take whatever they wanted to pay them because they needed the money to stay afloat. They played favorites to the Southern Boys! I really hope that whoever regulates commercial fishing fines those guys for cheating the Northern fishermen ever time they brought a fish to market. They took advantage of them every time they brought in a fish. Is their someone who checks out how Those guys screwed the Yankee boaters. If you know them you should do the South a favor because those guys made all of you look like a bunch of thieves. It was ridiculous the robbery they exhibited. Actually I liked the guys on Yahoo but they should have been banned from fishing this entire session for the danger they put everyone in by shooting up things with a shotgun. That was stupidity. That is why there are such stringent gun laws. The first mate should have been arrested and never allowed on the water again. He is going to kill someone. The waves come when you least expect them and it wouldn’t take much to cause someone to get shot. I think the place the Yankees sold their fish should get a visit from all of them and ask for the rest of their money. They were screwed out of thousands of dollars together! I have a big screen TV and you could see how they called dog meat from the Rebs got top dollar and quality meat from the Yankees got next to nothing. They were at the mercy of the Market and had to take what they offered but they were definitely not judged equally. You could tell that the market guys were playing favorites when it came to Price per Pound! I hate to see people who work so hard get screwed over like that! I think the guy that shot the gun even started having respect for Dave of Hard Merchandise because those guys didn’t say alot they just fished and tried to make a living! It is a shame the Market played favorites to the Southern guys. The Southerners really lost the fishing battle if I were the judge. I place the loss due to being gouged out of the actual price per pound! Cheaters never Prosper. The guy who went to church on Sundays you need to watch how you are being paid too. I thought that you got screwed on price a couple times. That Market is taking care of Reed. You will have to catch twice the fish Reed does to beat him! So if I were you I wouldn’t bet against him. Their may be something fishy going on in the South!

  3. maria
    South Jersey
    December 7, 2014, 12:17 pm

    does anyone know when the new season will be aired? looking forward to watching it