The Pols Go Dutch

This week, the Pols go Dutch when a special visitor comes to town – Charles’ uncle Jan is visiting from the Netherlands! Uncle Jan doesn’t speak English and Charles promised to be fluent in Dutch when he arrives. With only a few days to spare, Charles is cramming in his lessons, but it may already be too late. Will his new Dutch skills be strong enough to break the language barrier or will he break under pressure?

Their car rides may have become Dutch tutoring sessions, but it’s all business when Dr. Pol and Charles arrive at a farm call for a cow with a severe foot problem. An abscess inside its hoof is causing severe pain, and the longer the farmer waits to treat it, the worse it’ll get. Dr. Pol uses his roping skills to suspend the cow’s leg from a ceiling beam with hopes that it’s strong enough to support the cow. But, when the struggling cow topples over even Dr. Pol is caught off guard and under foot.


Next up at the clinic, Brooks the rambunctious bulldog pit-bull mix puppy with a protrusion from his stomach that’s as big as a baseball.  Brooks is suffering from an umbilical hernia, and with vital intestines hanging out of his abdomen secured only by a thin layer of skin; any injury to the area could be fatal. It’s up to Dr. Brenda to put this pup to rights before something goes seriously wrong.

In an attempt to tap into his Dutch roots, Charles pays a visit to Nelis’ Dutch Village in Holland, Michigan. Now in new wooden shoes from the “Klompen Shop,” he’s determined to walk the walk, but when his tour guide, Lydia, makes a deal to only speak to him in Dutch, can he talk the talk?

Back at the clinic, Buddy the Shih Tzu is in for a visit, and he’s seen better days.  His eye is swollen almost entirely out of the socket.  After examination Dr. Pol determines that the eye needs to go.  Owner Joan Best stands by with hopes that the operation goes off without a hitch and that she’ll get her Buddy back.

At Pohl Dairy, a down cow raises some surprising questions for Dr. Pol and Charles. After examination, Dr. Pol finds that not only does she have ketosis, but her leg is also injured, splayed back behind her.  Never being one to give up, Dr. Pol administers, IVs of fluids and a cocktail of medication in hopes that the cow will get up and re-join the herd.

Dr. Pol has his own reunion to look forward to as his bother finally arrives in Michigan. Charles welcomes his Uncle Jan to the clinic by putting his new Dutch skills to the test preparing a nice dinner for his uncle Jan complete with “biefstuk” and “aardappelen.” Will the conversation be lively or will Charles attempts fall flat on Dutch ears?

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